What Is Delta Seat Selection Procedure And The Fees Distribution?

Delta Seat Selection

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Putting passenger satisfaction on priority, most airlines allow them to choose a seat of their liking. The leading US air carrier, Delta Airlines, also provides the privilege to its passengers of selecting a seat. Travelers can select Delta seats from Basic Economy,  Delta Comfort Plus, Main Cabin, Delta Premium Select, First Class, and Delta One. All passengers on a Delta flight can select their seats through the Delta Seat Selection option. However, passengers traveling in Basic Economy need help to make Delta Airlines Seat Assignment requests. To proceed in the following, you have to follow up with the article ahead. 

How to Make Delta Seat Selection?

How to Make Delta Seat Selection
How to Make Delta Seat Selection

It is easy to make Delta Seat selections. There are basically two ways to choose a seat if you are flying on Delta Airlines. 

  • By visiting the official website, i.e., Online mode. 
  • Contact the Delta Airlines customer help desk at the airport, i.e., Offline mode.  

Online Mode to Select Seats on Delta Airlines

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to visit Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • After that, sign in to your Delta account through your login details.
  • Next, enter the name of the place you wish to travel to with Delta Airlines.
  • Choose the best suitable Delta flight in accordance with your time and price range.
  • After that, complete all the essential details.
  • Now you will land on a page where you will get the Delta Airlines seat selection option. 
  • Look over your flight’s seating chart and choose your preferred seats from the options available.
  • Proceed with the payment to confirm the type of seat selection you made through the Delta Airlines Seat Selection option.

However, if passengers have booked a ticket earlier and want to choose a Delta flight seat later, they can do it through Delta Airlines’ manage my booking feature. 

  • Visit Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • Navigate to the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Enter the flight details.
  • Flight reservation details will appear on the screen. Select the “seat selection” option.
  • Choose the type of seat you want and pay the extra fare.

If, being a passenger, you are unable to select a seat on your own, there will be random Delta Airlines seat assignments. 

Offline Mode to Select Seats on Delta Airlines

Another way to confirm your seat on Delta is by contacting the Airline’s representative through offline mode. 

  • Contact the airline’s representative at +1-800-221-1212 or +1-860-590-8822 for the offline Delta seat selection process.
  • Next, attentively listen to the automated IVR voice and follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Press the correct keys to contact Delta Airlines’ customer service representative. 
  • Delta agent will ask regarding the seat selection. You must state your preferred seat along with the destination.
  • The Delta representative will book a flight on Delta Airlines as you like.
  • Pay the seat selection fees. 
  • Passengers will get an email from Delta Airlines confirming their preferred seat choice.

What Does Delta Seat Selection Policy State?

There are a few points that you need to consider and take care of before proceeding with the Delta Seat Selection procedure. Make sure that you follow these points and select the seat accordingly. 

  • To understand the seat selection policy of Delta Airlines, you can connect with the customer service providers. They will help you figure out the seat selection process according to the policy. 
  • You can choose the best suitable seat in advance without paying a single penny. 
  • It is not mandatory that you will get a seat next to your known ones on Delta basic economy travel class. 
  • Delta Airlines allows you to book a flight within 7 days from your departure date. 
  • The seat selection fee that you have to pay is $10. 

What Does Delta Seat Selection Policy States For Various Ticket Types?

You can choose your seat according to your wish with Delta Airlines. The airline allows you to choose a seat of your choice through Delta Airlines Seat Selection policy. For various seat types, there are different rules that you need to consider while moving ahead for booking a seat. Let’s discuss each ticket type based on Delta Seat Selection policy. 

  • Basic Economy: Economy class tickets are the toughest regarding booking restrictions. These seats are booked or assigned on the spot, leaving you with a few options. But you will get legroom at the emergency exit seats.  
  • Main Cabin: It is a regular economy seat, on which you can choose a seat according to your choice. You can go for either preferred seats or comfort-plus seats. 
  • Premium Select: It is premium economy class, where the seats are more comfortable and wide than the above ticket type. You will get a reclining option with extra legroom. 
  • Delta One and First Class: Passengers going for Delta One and on delta airlines First Class seats can select a seat of their choice. The category consists of spacious seats with full-length reclining and delicious meal options. 

These seats’ availability depends on the destinations and travel routes. 

Delta Seat Selection Fees Distribution

The price cap on Delta Airlines seats varies according to the routes and travel cabins. The Delta Airlines seat assignment fees also change dynamically according to departure and demand. The nominal Delta Airlines seat booking price varies from $15 to $45.  However, if the passenger selects a seat on Delta Airlines while making reservations, then there will be no extra charges. As per the history of Delta Airlines, the maximum charges for seat choice on a round trip may vary between $70 and $80. 

Delta closes the flight seat choice service through online mode seven days prior to departure. Moreover, at the airport, after the Delta Airlines check-in process or 3 hours before departure, the airline does not allow passengers to select Delta cabin seats. Under the Delta Airlines refund policy, the seat selection fee is non-refundable. But, if Delta Airlines cancels the flight, passengers will be eligible for a full refund. The seat selection fees on Delta Airlines are distributed as follows:

  • The basic seat selection fee on Delta Airlines’ flights is $10.
  • The fee distribution on Delta Airlines for various ticket types frequently changes. So before making a choice, go through the fee structure updates on Delta Airlines’ official website. 
  • Go through the Delta Seat Selection Policy for better understanding and knowledge. 
  • You can contact the customer service providers at Delta Airlines offline or online at your convenience. 

Delta Seat Assignment for Elite Members

Passengers who are members of Delta Airlines SkyMiles program have more privileges for seat selection. Medallion elite status passengers will benefit maximum from seat upgrades.

Comfort Plus

Platinum and Diamond level elite members (the two highest tiers) can freely select Comfort Plus seats. However, Silver members can choose Comfort Plus seats 24 hours prior to departure. The mid-level Gold members can choose Delta Airlines seats 72 hours before departure.

Main Cabin 

All four tiers of elite status members can choose main cabin seats for no additional cost when purchasing main cabin tickets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta let you choose your seats?

Before boarding, you can purchase preferred seats for flight routes to the United States and Canada, including most international flights. Delta Airlines seat selection choice is no longer available three hours before departure or after the check-in window when the flight closes. 

Which class on Delta Airlines doesn’t allow seat selection?

If the passenger is traveling on a Basic Economy ticket, then Delta seat selection is not available for them. 

How do I select a seat after making a flight reservation?

If you have already made a reservation on Delta Airlines and were unable to choose your seat, then you can do it later through the “My Trips” section on the official website. 

Is Delta Airlines’ seat assignment fee more than American Airlines?

On average, the American Airlines seat selection fee is $20, which is more costly than the average Delta flight selection fee of $15. 

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