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Significant flight delays and cancelations occur almost daily. In 2022 over 100,000 flights have been cancelled so far. At the same time, over a million flights are delayed. Every passenger wants a delightful traveling experience and Delta Airlines is keen to provide the same. However, as per the stats, the Delta flight is the least cancelled among the other US carriers. However, it is still a problem. So, what options do passengers have in case of Delta Airlines Flight Cancelled? How should the steps be taken to rearrange their travel plans on Delta flights? Read out the following blog to learn about the cancelled Delta Airlines flights.

Reasons for Delta Airlines Flight Cancelled

There can be multiple reasons for cancellations of the flight.

  • Unfavorable weather.
  • Technical glitches.
  • Staff issues.

In most cases, Delta will provide help if it cancels a flight. When a flight is delayed by more than two hours for causes under the airline’s control, Delta will provide meals to passengers. Also, passengers can avail of lodging facilities in case of delays. 

However, if the flight was postponed due to bad weather, you can ask for a refund or rebook an alternative flight. 

What Happens if Delta Airlines Cancels the Flight?

Basically, when there are cancellations from the airline side, Delta airline provides information to passengers through email and text messages. It will rebook travelers on the very next flight available. However, the following privileges apply to tickets booked directly through the official Delta platforms. 

For Third-Party Bookings

If the traveler has booked his flights through a third party and not from Delta directly, then it is advisable to contact the third party. A traveler should understand their policies in case of cancellations and see if they can provide any form of assistance for rebooking. 

For Booking Upgrades and Special Assistance 

Passengers make requests for upgrades in their flight bookings. However, if the Delta Airlines flight is cancelled, then it is very challenging to get those privileges in a rebooked flight. Also, passengers who have applied for special assistance like a wheelchair, unaccompanied minor, or any medical assistance may find it difficult to get that assistance on alternative flights. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be limited availability for these forms of assistance. However, as long as the ticket was issued by Delta, SkyTeam, a joint venture partner, or a codeshare partner, Delta will provide help to passengers. 

How to Rebook Delta Airlines Flight?

Usually, Delta Airlines provides links in their alert messages to rebook alternative flights. 

Passengers are eligible for Delta Airlines to rebook flights when:

  • Delta cancels the flight. 
  • A partner in a joint venture cancels it.
  • The flight is canceled by a member of SkyTeam.
  • A codeshare partner has canceled the flight.

On Delta Airlines, it is simple to rebook a new flight. If the flight is delayed for longer than 30 minutes or cancelled by the airline, passengers can rebook another flight. Passengers have the right to choose from the same flight options that match their schedule. The Delta Airlines staff will help the traveler in arranging the itinerary. The best part of rebooking a Delta Airlines flight is passengers can rebook it as many times as necessary. 

Passengers can use the Delta App, official website, or kiosk machine to rebook their flight. However, for domestic routes, flights traveling within 30 minutes will not appear on the screen. On the other hand, international flights departing in less than 60 minutes will not be available for booking. It is mainly due to check-in constraints.

Here are the steps to rebook a flight via the app or the official website.

  • Go to the official website or the app.
  • Log into your account.
  • You can also retrieve your bookings through the Manage Booking feature.
  • After retrieving the canceled flight, you can find the option to rebook.
  • Enter the travel date.
  • All the qualified available flights will appear on the screen.
  • Select the flight and enter the passenger details.
  • Add the necessary services and select the seats.
  • After that, pay the additional charges to confirm your booking.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancelled: Refund Policy 

Apart from the “Delta Airlines rebook flight” option, travelers can also request a refund. If the traveler does not find a flight that fits their schedule or does not receive in-flight amenities as per original bookings, they can apply for a refund. 

Whatever the travel class passengers have booked for a flight, all bookings are eligible for a refund. 

Passengers should access their reservation on the official website of Delta Airlines or the Delta app. To get a refund for a Delta Airlines cancelled flight, they should visit the My Trips section. Here they have the option to submit a request for a refund. 

In case of a Delta Airlines flight cancelled, passengers are eligible for a full refund. Moreover, if passengers have purchased the ticket using miles, Delta will reimburse both the miles and any applicable taxes. The reimbursement is given as a travel credit if you bought a “Pay With Miles” ticket using a Delta SkyMiles-affiliated American Express card.

Delta Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

  • In case of Delta flight delays of more than 2 hours, passengers will receive free meals and beverages.
  • However, if the Delta flight is delayed more than 6 hours or cancelled, then passengers can claim a full refund.
  • Moreover, if the flight is available the next day, the airline will accommodate an overnight stay.
  • For cancelations due to weather, Delta offers an alternative flight to its passengers. However, if airlines fail to provide alternative flights, travelers will receive compensation of up to 200% of the original fare.

According to the Delta flight compensation policy, 

  • A passenger will receive $250 for a flight distance between 2000 kilometers.
  • On the other hand, for a distance between 2000 and 4000 kilometers, they will receive $500.
  • For the distance more than 4000 kilometers, passengers will get 750 USD.

The transfer of refund will take up to 7 days for debit and credit card transactions and 20 days for cash payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs if my flight with Delta is canceled?

Delta will first attempt to accommodate you on an alternate flight to your destination in the event of a flight cancelation. Alternatively, you can choose to cancel your reservation and request a refund.

Does Delta Airlines offer a refund in the event of canceled flights?

If Delta Airlines cancels the flight, all passengers are eligible for a full refund, irrespective of travel class. There won’t be any cancelation charges.

How to rebook a Delta Airlines flight?

Passengers in a scenario of flight cancellation can visit the official website of Delta. After that, log in to their account through the My Trips section to choose the rebooking option. They can also use the Delta app or kiosk machine.

Can I avail of special assistance on a rebooked flight?

When you rebook an alternate flight, the possibility of getting special assistance is very rare as the booking window is short, and a lot of paperwork is required. However, Delta Airlines will assist you throughout the process to make you receive the maximum assistance. 

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