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Frontier Airlines Overview

HeadquartersDenver, Colorado, United States
Hub AirportsDenver International Airport
Fleet Size116
No. of Destinations110
Customer Service Number+1 (801) 401-9000

Frontier Airlines Cabin Classes

Standard seating

Standard seats on Frontier Airlines have a 28–31-inch pitch. They are among the biggest seats now offered in the commercial aviation sector and are ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort.

Stretched seating

Stretch seating is also scarce on Frontier Airlines. However, the majority of passengers who choose their own seats choose Stretch Seats because they are cozy and provides an additional 8 inches of legroom. Other benefits include a full 5 to 7 inches of more space between your seat and the one in front of you, full comfort recline, early entry off the plane, laptop compatibility, and priority access to in-flight services.

Frontier Airlines Reservations

If you’re looking to book a flight through frontier airlines, here we have a few genuine modes you can choose to book and get the best fares possible.

Through Frontier Airline Mobile App


How To Get Discounts On Reservations

Who doesn’t love discounts? You can use these few methods to get discounts on frontier airlines:

  • Discounts Den: You will have to get a subscription for this, and you’ll be able to get access to the lowest fare flights at frontier airlines, no matter when you book.

Frontier Discounts Den Program

With our Frontier Miles frequent flyer program, traveling has never been more lucrative. You can quickly redeem miles for incentive flights, advance to Elite Status faster, and travel more than ever before thanks to Frontier Miles, that allows you to earn a mile for every mile flown, irrespective of the flight cost.

Some benefits of elite status

▪ Free carry-on baggage
▪ Stretch seating
▪ Members above 50k get a 50% discount on Den membership
▪ Above 100k members get free checked baggage
▪ Also, members above 100k get these benefits for up to 8 family members

Frontier Airlines Manage Booking

Every traveler should be aware of Frontier Airlines “manage my booking” option, which allows passengers to make changes or even check frontier flight status for their reservations with only a few clicks. Here is a section of the frontier airline booking system that you may modify.



With Frontier, changing your flight reservation only takes a few clicks. You may easily change your trip itinerary and rebook a ticket.

Ticket Transfer

Yes! You can give your ticket to another person if you’re flying with Frontier Airlines.

Seat Upgrade

Not happy with your seat, get to the manage booking section and upgrade the seats without any questions asked.


When you can just check in through the manage booking feature, save yourself the stress of doing it at the airport.

Frontier Airlines Cancelation Policy

In any emergency, passengers have the right to alter their flight according to the requirements of Frontier Airlines. The following flight should be to the same location and depart within 24 hours.

Here are a few things you can change on Frontier Airlines:

Cancellation is mostly made due to some unavoidable circumstances. However, there are some cancellation policies passenger needs to keep in mind to save them from paying the cancellation fee.

  • If you have purchased a flight ticket within seven days of departure, then you will have to pay the cancellation charges.
  • If you book before seven days, no cancellation fees apply
  • No show policy will apply in case you don’t reach the airport before flight departure
  • Non-refundable tickets cannot be refunded unless you cancel within 24 hours of booking

24 Hours Cancellation Policy

This policy enables you to cancel flights with no penalties and to get a full refund of the money you spent when making the reservation.

  • The policy states that you will have to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the booking to get a full refund
  • The departure date of the flight must be seven days later at the time of cancellation.

Frontier Airlines Refund & Compensation Policy

Refund Policy

  • You are eligible for a refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking 7 days before the flight departure
  • However, if the flight is cancelled by the airline due to any reason, the amount is refunded fully to the passengers
  • If you cancel after 48 hours not refund is applicable
  • Refund for online payment, credit card, debit card will be credited within 7-10 business day

Compensation Policy

  • In case of a flight delay, you are eligible to apply for compensation
  • If you miss your connecting flight due to the first flight delay, then also you are eligible for delay compensation
  • The Pilot changes the flight route without any prior notice frontier is liable to pay compensation accordingly.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

The frontier airline charges a fee for baggage. However, the charges are different for carry-on and checked, which might get updated with the policies.

Carry-on allowance

  • According to Frontier baggage policy you are eligible to carry one free item
  • If you book the WORKS or THE PERKS bundle, then you receive one free carry-on
  • Luggage out of the booked allowances are charged at check-in
  • The carry-on bag must fit below the seat or in the overhead bin

Checked baggage allowance

  • All checked luggage must not weigh more than 40 pounds
  • Frontier suggests using the online bag price checker because fees vary depending on the route.
  • Bundle booking also allows one free checked baggage

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Policy

By reserving a seat in advance, you can make your trip incredibly smooth and comfortable. Additionally, choose Frontier Airlines to manage seats to add upgrades after making reservations for tickets. There are a few elements regarding the airline’s seat selection policy that are crucial for you to understand.

  • The seat selection fees are not covered by your booking rates. You can pay an additional charge to select a window, aisle, or main cabin seat.
  • If you have selected one of the packages, works, or perks, a seat reservation will be included in your booking.
  • On the other hand, at check-in, travellers can make a seat request at least 24 hours prior to the planned flight’s departure.
  • Let’s say you don’t choose your Frontier Airlines seat in advance. The airline will then, based on a random pick at check-in, offer complimentary tickets on the aircraft. Your party might not, however, be given seats in the same cabin or row.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

Pets are family, and everybody loves it if they could travel with their pet. Luckily frontier airline understands that and allows you to carry pets. However, there are a few conditions you need to follow so that other passengers do not face any difficulty.

▪ You cannot book in row one or exit rows if carrying pets

▪ Pet should be trained to stay in the container during the journey

▪ A health certificate for the pet is mandatory before boarding

▪ Only 1 pet is eligible to travel in 1 container

Special Assistance Provided By Frontier Airlines

If you are in need of any kind of special assistance provided by Frontier airlines, you must make sure to Call them at 801-401-9004. They will be happy to help you in all the ways possible.

Here are some special assistance services in frontier airlines:

Unaccompanied minors

Minors who are below 15 are not eligible to travel on codeshare flights. However, they get all the assistance and constant support during their journey.


You can request wheelchair help at the airport, and they will take care of everything from there if you are travelling with your own wheelchair, in which case the airline will supply you with batteries.

Pregnant women

You can travel for 35 weeks without any restrictions after that, you will have to submit approval from your OBGYN that you are fit to travel.

Frontier Airlines Important Contact Details

Official Website

Frontier Airlines

Customer service number


Calling hours



FAQs About Frontier Airlines

Do you always get a free carry-on with Frontier?

Does Frontier charge extra for carry-on luggage? On Frontier flights, you must pay extra for your carry-on bag if you choose a basic rate. In addition to their free personal item, elite members and travellers who paid The WORKS or The PERKS ticket are given a free carry-on bag.

How many miles do you get per flight on Frontier?

For every air mile, you fly, you will gain one mile toward your travel. Put your Frontier World Mastercard to use. Use it to make regular purchases like food, flights, and other things to earn more money.

Do Frontier points expire?

As long as a member creates accrual activity every six months, which covers all transactions made using the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard, the miles in their account do not expire.

Can I take my dog to Frontier Airlines?

All local Frontier flights, as well as international flights to and from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, accept pets in the cabin. When flying with a pet, you may not choose a seat in row one or an exit row. Your pet must always stay in the transport container for their protection.

How do I book a flight with special assistance?

Please get in touch with the airline either before the flight or during the booking process to use this service. You can complete a particular form or do it over the phone (Among other things, you must disclose the passenger’s medical history, including the requirement that a wheelchair is available for them.)

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