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Turkish Airlines is the national carrier airline of turkey. It was founded on 20th May 1983, under Turkish state Airlines. In 1935, the airline was turned over to the Ministry of Public Works and renamed the General Directorate of State Airlines. Again, after three years, in 1938, it became part of the transportation ministry. Initially, the airlines operated domestically, yet in 1947, the airlines started running internationally with the inauguration of Ankara-Istanbul-Athens flights. After many ups and downs, the new jet began working in 1967 as Turkish Airlines. The board chairman is Ahmet Bolat, and CEO is Bilal Eksi.

Airlines Overview

Headquarters Hub Airports Fleet Size No. of Destinations Customer Service Number
Istanbul Airport, Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Airport 340 386 +1-080005-01565

Some Popular Destinations Turkish Airlines Fly To

1. Atlanta
2. Boston
3. Chicago
4. Dallas

5. Houston
6. New York City
7. SeattleWashington D.C.

Types Of Cabin Classes

Economy class

In this class, the passenger will get a seat with 79 cm of legroom with reclining up to 15 cm. Adjustable footrest and headrest provides more comfort. The flight also offers supreme cuisine, which is prepared by the passengers’ choice.

Business class

A massage chair, reading lamp, and power supply are offered for Turkish Airlines business class passengers. Also, they do not have to wait in queues at check-in. They are allowed an extra luggage bag also.

Turkish Airlines Reservations

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers the best services, food, and discounts. It is one of the biggest European Airlines, and booking a ticket on the airline is effortless.

How To Book A Ticket?

  • The first step is to log in to Turkish Airlines.
  • Go to flight option.
  • Then, you must select the type of flight, one-way or round-trip.
  • Now, fill in all the details about the departure and arrival destination.
  • Mention the date and time for the flight you are searching.
  • It is mandatory to submit the personal information of all passengers.
  • Click on the search option for flights.
  • Choose the desired flight from all options.
  • Lastly, proceed with the payment.

One can also book by calling the Turkish airline customer support team by giving them all flight details and passengers.

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking

Apart from its flexible in-flight services, Turkish Airlines also offers flexible booking management to its travelers. The ‘Book and Manage’ option of the airlines allows passengers to make a change in their flight plans.


Passengers can change their flight date according to the flight change policy of Turkish Airlines.

Ticket Transfer

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to easily check in using the ‘Book and Manage’ option.Know More About Turkish Airlines Check In Policy

Seat Upgrade

Seat selection charges vary depending on the route and travel classes.


Turkish Airlines strictly follow the EU regulations of air travel, and passengers should follow the guidelines related to Ticket transfer properly.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Turkish airlines allow passengers to change the date, time, and destination provided that the changes are done according to the policies. Passengers need to pay 30% of the flight change fee if any changes are done 12 hours before the flight departure.

Here are a few things you can change on Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines Name Change

  • Changes are free if done within 24 hours of booking.
  • The airline allows name changes only once after booking.
  • Only 4 characters can change under this policy. 
  • Turkish Airlines only permits name changes in the event of a marriage or divorce, and travelers must provide documentation.

Turkish Airlines Date Change

  • If the passengers want to change the date for free on Turkish airlines.
  • It allows them to change within 24 hours of booking with the condition that the change must be made seven days before the flight departure.
  • Any changes done after that are chargeable.

Turkish Airlines Destination Change

  • Turkish Airlines allows passengers to change their destination, but travelers cannot change from domestic to international.
  • Passengers will need to pay according to the destination change.
  • Not all fare classes receive this privilege. 

Turkish Airlines Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy

If the passenger wants to cancel the flight for any reason, one should know all the processes or procedures of the airline before doing it.

  • If a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of booking, a full refund will be initiated
  • For instance, if cancels after 24 hours of booking, an additional charge will be deducted.
  • The fee might vary for many factors like destination or journey type.

Delta Airlines offers four fare segments. The cancelation rules vary according to the segments.

  • Eco Fly – Ticket cancelation within 12 hours of departure is not permissible. 
  • Extra Fly –  There will be a cancelation fee of TRY 200 for revoking your ticket within 12 hours of departure. 
  • Prime Fly –  Airlines charges TRY 150 for canceling the ticket from 12 hours to departure. 
  • Business Flexible – Travelers have to pay TRY 300 for revoking tickets within 12 hours of flight takeoff.

Compensation & Refund Policy

For non-refundable fares, passengers will receive only administrative charges. The airlines refund back the amount in 7  to  10 business days. There will be no refund for 12 months older flights.

Canceled Flight Compensation

  • For flight cancelation in this airline, you will be eligible to get a compensation of $700.
  • If the airline has been informed before 14 days of departure, no compensation will be provided by the airline.

If the flight got canceled due to bad weather or air traffic, no compensation would be offered.

Delayed Flight Compensation

  • A passenger can ask for compensation of $600 if the flight got delayed without any particular reason.
  • If the flight got delayed for 3-4 hours, then Turkish airlines have to compensate the passengers. Therefore, it depends on the reason for the delay.
  • If the delay reason is not under the control of the airline. You might get another flight rather than the compensation.
Distance Compensation
Up to 1500 km Euro 200
Between 1500 to 3500km Euro 350
More than 3500km Euro 500

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

  • In baggage policy, the passengers are allowed 1 handbag in economy class and 2 handbags in business class.
  • The total dimension of the bag should not be more than 55*40*23cm.
  • For checked luggage, the weight should not exceed b 32 kgs. Although the weight varies for both domestic and international flights.
  • Passengers who want extra weight should contact the airlines before travel to avoid complications.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

For choosing the seat in advance, a process is followed

  • The seat selection is free for elite members for both domestic and international flights. Therefore, it depends on the time when you choose for your journey.
  • Eco fly standard seat selection on Turkish airlines is available for free up to 6 hours before the departure.
  • If any passenger who wants to sit at the emergency seat must be eligible and stick to the instructions while applying the request.
  • Passengers traveling with pets are not allowed to select emergency or extra legroom seats.
  • If passengers fail to select a seat before departure, they will be allotted any random seat.

Check-In Policy

  • According to this policy, passengers can check in 24 hours before their departure time online.
  • Hence, online check-in is available at certain airports only
  • Only 8 passengers can check in online at a time.
  • Passengers who want to check in at the airport can come 45 minutes before the departure for domestic and international before 1 hour.
>>Know More About Turkish Airlines Check in Policy

Air Turkish Flight Status

Follow these steps to fetch the Turkish Airlines flight status.

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Choose the Plan and Book option from the top menu.
  • Under the Book and manage, select the flight status option.
  • Enter the flight number, arrival, departure, or route to know the flight status.

Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

The airline asks for a reservation for any domestic pet at least 6 hours before departure. One passenger can take two pet cages on the flight. Although, only one cage will be allowed in the cabin and the other in the cargo. Passengers must complete all documentation of their pets at check-in and must carry their pets’ medical certificates and vaccination cards. The pet whose health condition is poor will not be accepted. Ensure that pet should be clean, calm-looking, and odorless. A pet cage will not be considered baggage; an extra amount must be paid for the cage.

Special Assistance Provided By The Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airline fulfills all the requirements of the passengers upon request. You need to inform the airlines at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before the departure time. Hence, a medical report must be submitted before 10 days of traveling in Turkish or English. 


Turkish Airlines provides wheelchair assistance on approved requests. The passengers should submit the request 2 days before the flight departure.

Guide Dogs

Travelers can bring guide dogs free of charge in the cabin. However, they should ensure vaccination and health certificates that are required in the destination country. 

Sunflower Lanyard Service

If a traveler suffers from autism, anxiety disorder, speech problem, dementia, or vision problem, then they can utilize our Sunflower Lanyard service for more support.

Medical Assistance

Turkish Airlines provide oxygen tanks to needful passengers. They can also bring their respirators, diabetes medicines, and other medical equipment onboard.

Some of the FAQs

Is Turkish Airlines safe?

Turkish Airlines is an 89 years old airline. It is a safe airline, and its safety standards are acknowledged by the IATA.

How much checked baggage is allowed on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers free checked baggage allowance of:

  • Business class – 2 bags.
  • Economy class – 1 bag.

How do I check in on Turkish Airlines?

You can check-in through the online process, mobile app, and directly to the airport. The online check-in on Turkish flights opens 24 hours before departure. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Turkish Airlines flight?

Turkish Airlines does not allow cancelations for the flight departing in less than 1 hour. However, if you cancel a flight within 12 hours of departure, then you have to pay the cancelation fee.

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