How is Delta Airlines First Class Experience?

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Delta Airlines First Class cabin class is one of the most premium flights experiences the airline provides. The benefits start before even boarding the flight. Passengers get first preference in check-in and boarding. The cabin experience is filled with premium snacks, beverages, and meals. First-class seats are designed specifically for extra comfort. There are ample choices for entertainment in many genres.

Passengers get a personal service executive to assist them with almost anything during the flight. Everything about the first-class cabin experience is extraordinary. Benefits continue till the baggage clearance as baggage assistance gives first preference to First class cabin passengers.

This article will give every insight into the travel experience in a delta airlines first class cabin.

Benefits of Delta Airlines First Class Ticket

Delta First Class cabin service is one of the most premium and amenities-rich experiences in domestic travel. To start with,

  • You get extra leg space for better stretch and comfort.
  • There is a power outlet available for your use.
  • You get a Sky Priority experience throughout your flight.
  • Enjoy personal assistance service throughout the journey.

Seat Comfort

  • Extra 8 inches of leg space is available compared to any Main Cabin Class seat.
  • Recline that goes down up to 5.4 inches for that extra comfort. However, it does not recline fully.
  • An 11 inches seatback screen for unlimited entertainment is also available on selected routes in Delta Airlines first class seats.

Special Personal Assistance

  • Get the signature service of a dedicated flight attendant throughout your journey.
  • Order premium snacks, alcohol, and beverages as many times as you want.
  • The attendant will assist you in getting every possible amenity there is on the flight.

No Compromise on Productivity

  • Get high-speed Wi-Fi service for no delay in your work. However, it is not free and service starts from $5.
  • With extra space and ample power, outlets stay productive all through the flight.
  • The only thing that may stop you is the premium comfort and choices of entertainment.

All Amenities Inclusive

  • Get complimentary premium earbuds to enjoy exclusive Spotify services.
  • More than 1000 hours of entertainment among various genres.
  • An 11 inches seatback entertainment system.

How is Delta Airlines First Class Menu?

Delta airlines offer unlimited premium snack options throughout the flight. Delta provides Starbucks beverage options along with a premium selection of wine, whiskey, and beer.

Alcohol drinks are only available for people who are 21 and above. Delta Airlines’ menu is always based on seasonal cuisine meal options.

There is a meal for every duration of travel with Delta Airlines.

Short Distance Flight

  • Choose from fresh meal box options for a travel distance of 900+ miles.

Medium – Long Distance Flight

  • Meal options based on time for travel distance of 900 – 2299 miles.
  • Enjoy the chef’s special breakfast options for flight departures from 5 AM – 9:45 AM.
  • Authentic lunch dishes to choose from on flight departures from 9:46 AM – 3:59 PM.
  • Lavish dinner menu for flight departures from 4 PM – 8:59 PM.
  • Also, premium snacks to choose from which are available all throughout the flight.

Long Distance Flight

  • For flights with travel distances over 2300 miles, there is a fresh meal option for every duration ofDelta airlines first class travel.

What are the Off Flight Advantages of First-Class Travel with Delta Airlines?

First-class travel advantages are not just limited to the flight. Delta Airlines ensures that every stage of the travel is a first-class experience for passengers.

Security & Check-in

  • Every first-class traveler gets Sky Priority advantages while check-in and security lines.
  • Priority check-in before lower-class travelers.
  • Least delay in security lines with a fast-track process.


  • Passengers get priority boarding from lower classes to reach their seats before most people.
  • It does help in settling down fast and without any chaos in the cabin.


  • Passengers enjoy 2 free checked bags, which are also prioritized in baggage clearance.
  • An assistant makes sure that your baggage reaches you on time with priority status.

Delta Airlines Comfort Plus vs First Class

  • Delta Airlines first-class tickets are expensive compared to Comfort Plus tickets.
  • There are extra 5 inches of leg space in first class over Comfort Plus seats.
  • First-class seats have better reclining than Comfort Plus cabin seats.
  • Comfort Plus bookings are not applicable for complimentary seat upgrades.
  • First-class passengers get priority in check-in, baggage clearance as well as security lines over Comfort Plus.
  • The same mile points are accessible in both cabin classes.
  • Delta Airlines First Class experience has slightly more advantages and amenities than Comfort Plus bookings.

How to Book Delta First-Class Tickets?

You can book your Delta First Class ticket through cash payment, debit, credit cards, or SkyMiles. Here are the steps to book Delta tickets.

  • Go to the
  • Enter the arrival and departure city.
  • Also, enter the travel date.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • The screen will show the list of flights available along with Main Cabin, Comfort+ , and First Class cabins.
  • Select the first-class cabin in your travel itinerary.
  • Now add the relevant passenger details and pay the ticket fare.

If you are looking for a round trip, then you have to select the First class cabin again while booking the ticket. Delta Airlines also allow seat upgradation. So, if you have booked your ticket on Delta Main Cabin, then you can upgrade to First Class Cabin by paying the fare difference. You can book tickets either through the official website or by app. 

Disclaimer: The information on display in this article is subject to change. The airline is not liable to provide any upfront notice to the customers regarding any changes. For more information on Delta airlines first class, visit the official website.


How much does it cost to travel in a Delta Airline First Class cabin?

First-class cabin tickets can cost anything between $500-$1800. This cabin class by Delta Airlines is only for domestic travel. Online booking through the official website has many offers and benefits.

How can I book a first-class cabin ticket with Delta Airlines?

You can book first-class cabin tickets in many ways. The best option is to opt for online booking through the official website. You can also go for third-party bookings, but that may be costly. Booking can also be made by calling customer service at 800-221-1212.

Is there any extra charge for booking tickets over the phone?

There are no extra fees for booking tickets over the phone. Earlier there were extra charges for booking over the phone as a ‘service Charge”. Passengers can easily book Delta Airlines first-class tickets over the phone without any extra charges.

Is first class the same as Delta One?

First class and Delta One are two distinct fare classes. Delta One is a business-class fare available on international routes, whereas Delta First Class is only available on domestic and short flights.

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