What is the Delta Airlines SkyMiles Program?

Delta Airlines SkyMiles

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Airlines run loyalty programs to keep their passenger hooked. Delta also offers a frequent flyer program called SkyMiles. SkyMiles program is one of the reasons for the success of Delta Airlines. The program started in 1981 to complement the loyal customers of the airline. Passengers earn mile points with every travel experience with Delta. Travelers can use these miles in various ways. The miles are applicable to get awards, such as complimentary flight bookings. Passengers can also use these miles to upgrade their seats, luxury products, and much more. There are different levels in the Delta Airlines Skymiles program that can be achieved by earning a certain number of miles. Each tier has its own perk and benefits. We will break down all the details of the SkyMiles program from earning to redeeming.

How to Get Delta Airlines SkyMiles Membership?

The program initially started on a complimentary basis. Membership was given by the airline to loyal passengers who travel frequently. However, now anyone can apply for a SkyMiles membership. Travelers have to fill out a form only. The form contains three parts.

1.   Basic Info

Enter the first, middle, and last name of the passenger. After that, enter the date of birth. Also, mention the gender. Make sure to enter all the details according to the valid ID proof.

2.   Contact Info

In the next section of the online form, provide the contact details. Travelers have to provide country details, address, contact number, and e-mail address.

3.   Login Info

In the last section of the form, create a username and password for your Delta Skymiles account. Verify the password for completing the setup.

Now, the traveler has a Delta Airlines SkyMiles membership. However, to reach different levels, they have to earn the SkyMiles.

Note: The input details should be the same as on the government ID. Otherwise, the passengers will be denied attaining SkyMiles status.

How to Earn SkyMiles?

Delta Airlines offers various ways to earn SkyMiles reward points. The member of the program can use the following ways to earn them.

Booking Flight Ticket On Delta

Firstly, Delta SkyMiles never expires. So, whenever you book a ticket on Delta flights, you earn SkyMiles depending on the ticket price. The general member earns 5 miles for each dollar. On the other hand, if you have Delta Medallion Elite status, then you can earn more miles.

While booking a ticket, you have to enter your SkyMiles number. However, if you have already booked a ticket, then you can add your SkyMiles number later through the Manage Booking feature.

The number of miles earned per dollar spent is different for each level.

Diamond Medallion 11
Platinum Medallion 9
Gold Medallion 8
Silver Medallion 7
No status 5

Note: No status is the default status of the passenger before attaining any level.

However, miles cannot be gained for any additional expenses, such as:

  • Charges for checked bags.
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Food and beverage purchases during flights
  • Entertainment on board fee.
  • Fees for transporting pets.
  • Mileage payments.
  • Change fees for tickets.
  • Confirmed fees for the same day.

With American Express Cards

Another way to earn Delta SkyMiles is by using Delta credit cards from American Express.

  • Blue Card
  • Gold Card
  • Platinum Card
  • Reserve Card

With Delta SkyMiles Blue and Gold cards, passengers earn twice as miles on Delta purchases compared to other payment cards. On the other hand, Platinum and Reserve cardholders earn three times more reward points.

Passengers can use these cards for flight bookings, Delta vacations, restaurants, hotels, and supermarket purchases.

Delta Airlines will reimburse the miles earned through the SkyMiles program into the passenger’s account after eight weeks of the qualifying activity. However, the transaction also depends on the Delta partner’s terms. Make sure to make bookings on flights, car rentals, and hotels similar to the name on the SkyMiles account.

Earning With Airlines Partner

Travelers can also earn Delta SkyMiles by flying partner airlines. Delta considers Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Aero Mexico, Air Europa, China Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and 20 other airlines for SkyMiles rewards. Members will accrue miles and progress toward the medallion status as usual. However, depending on the partner, reservation class, and your elite status, you may receive a different number of SkyMiles.

How to Achieve a Level in SkyMiles Program?

How to Achieve a Level in SkyMiles Program
How to Achieve a Level in SkyMiles Program

Passengers can upgrade to different levels on the basis of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs), Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs), and Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs).

STATUS MQMs Applicable MQDs Applicable MQSs Applicable
Diamond Medallion 125000 $15000 (140 plus segments) NA
Platinum Medallion 75000 $9000 (100 plus segments) NA
Gold Medallion 50000 $6000 (60 plus segments) NA
Silver Medallion 25000 $3000 30

Note: Silver medallion status either requires 25000 MQMs or $3000 MQDs plus 30 MQSs.

Benefits of Different Levels

Silver Medallion

  • Unlimited complimentary cabin class upgrades for all domestic flights.
  • International flight Class upgrade from the USA to Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America.
  • Upgrades are subject to availability and via notification within 24 hours prior to the departure time.

Gold Medallion

  • All silver medallion benefits with notification within 3 days prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Cabin class upgrades to comfort+.
  • No baggage fee for the standard limit.
  • No same-day confirmation or standby fee.

Platinum Medallion

  • All gold and silver medallion benefits with notification within 5 days before the scheduled departure time.
  • No award reissue or redeposit fee.
  • Applicable for choice benefit.
  • Platinum members can also transfer some of their benefits to family or friends. These perks are Silver medallion status, a 2000 SkyMiles bonus, or 4 regional upgrade certificates.

Diamond Medallion

All platinum, golden, and silver medallion benefits with extra additional choice benefits.

Can I Transfer Delta Skymiles to Another Airline?

  • Travelers cannot transfer their SkyMiles to another airline wallet.
  • However, passengers are allowed to book flights and use their SkyMiles with partner airlines to enjoy the benefits.
  • Due to this feature, travelers may not find a need to transfer their SkyMiles to another airline.

Note: Passengers can also use their Delta Airlines SkyMiles with the various outlets of partner airlines, such as clubs, merchandise stores, and hotels.

How to Redeem Delta Airlines SkyMiles?

There are various ways to use your miles. Delta also allows passengers to book tickets in a combination of cash and miles. Here are a few ways.

Award Travels

Passengers can use the miles points to travel to over a thousand destinations. It can be used to book a flight on Delta Airlines and Delta Connection flights. Here are the steps to book a ticket via Miles.

  • Visit the Delta.com or Fly Delta app and click on ‘Book.’
  • Select the “Shop with Miles” checkbox, and on the app, select “Show Price in Miles.”
  • After that, choose “Find Flights” after entering your flight choice.
  • Select your flight.
  • Deduct your miles to complete your booking.

Delta Vacation Bookings

Another way to redeem miles is to book a Delta vacation package. Delta offers vacation plans to various destinations. You can visit Delta Vacation and enter your Delta SkyMiles account number. After planning your package, select miles as your method of payment.

Miles + Cash

Passengers can also use miles along with cash to book a ticket. However, it applies to only flights operated by Delta, Delta Connection, and Delta Shuttle throughout the world.  are eligible for Miles + Cash. But, the purchases of miles made during Miles + Cash transactions are nonrefundable and ineligible for earning points.


What is the basic procedure to earn SkyMiles?

The simple procedure to earn SkyMiles is to use the SkyMiles status whenever you book a flight with Delta Airlines. Passengers also get miles when they book flights with partner airlines. Always choose the SkyMiles feature while booking flights.

How can I check my Delta SkyMiles status?

SkyMiles status members can check their SkyMiles status by logging into the official website of Delta Airlines. Moreover, travelers can also check the status by simply calling the toll-free number of the airline, 1800-123-6645.

Can I use Delta credit cards to earn miles?

Every qualified purchase with your Delta SkyMiles American Express Card qualifies for the earning of miles. You can earn miles with purchases in restaurants, flight bookings, and hotels.

Does Delta Airlines Skymiles have an expiry timeline?

The Skymiles does not have an expiry date. However, it might be a possibility that due to no activity or unethical transactions, the account may get suspended.

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