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There is no specific time to go on a vacation. But for a delightful experience, there is a need for planning. Moreover, arranging your trip under a vacation package will make your travel amusing. If you are looking for more itineraries for your travel, Delta vacation packages are a reliable way to get those. Delta holiday packages can conveniently bundle all of your requirements into a single reservation. Also, through these packages, travelers can earn and redeem SkyMiles under these bookings. 

In the following blog, you will learn.

  • Why are Delta Airlines vacation packages beneficial?
  • How to use SkyMiles on bookings?
  • How can you book delta airlines vacation packages?

Why Delta Vacation Packages are Beneficial?

Vacation packages of Delta Airlines are not just limited to the US destinations but also cover many outbound destinations across the globe. Also, there are several alternatives available in Delta’s vacation packages. 


Delta vacation packages are customizable. Travelers are allowed to add itineraries as per their need for an unforgettable experience.  

Budget Friendly

Compared to other airlines, Delta Airlines holiday packages are budget-friendly. When you book a holiday package through Delta, you will likely get better deals on hotels and car rentals.

Earn and Redeem Miles

As you already know that travelers can earn SkyMiles by booking Delta flights. However, it is not just that. When you book a Delta vacation package, you will also earn SkyMiles reward points. These SkyMiles can also be easily redeemable by customizing your travel packages. 

Delta Vacation Packages: SkyMiles Rewards

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With the Delta SkyMiles rewards, you can save more on holiday package reservations. You have the choice of earning SkyMiles when you pay for your trip when you book with Delta. Also, travelers can easily redeem SkyMiles to cover the cost of their package. You will be able to acquire bonus SkyMiles in addition to the usual miles you would get on any other Delta reservation for your flights.

But it is necessary to reserve at least a flight and a hotel in order to put together a package and redeem miles. Apart from it, you can have additional activities and rent cars, depending on your holiday destination. Travelers can earn and redeem points on flights, hotels, and cars included in their itineraries. Moreover, if you have reserved some excursion packages, such as escorted excursions and river cruises, you qualify for earning miles.

Your package’s cost will determine how many SkyMiles you receive:

  • One thousand bonus miles for bookings up to $4,999. 
  • Two thousand bonus miles for bookings between $5,000 and $9,999.
  • Five thousand bonus miles for reservations of $10,000 or more.

How Can You Book Delta Vacation Packages?

Travelers can book Delta Airlines vacation packages easily via the official website or by contacting an airline representative. 

Booking Packages Through the Official Website

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Select the “Delta Vacation” option.
  • After that, enter the origin, destination, dates, and number of travelers. 
  • Now, press the search button to fetch the packages. 
  • Choose the hotel in which you want to stay.
  • After selecting the hotel, you can book flights. 
  • Next, travelers can also include rental cars and other travel activities. 
  • On the next page, you have to fill in the names of the passengers.
  • After reviewing the details, you can pay with credit cards and use SkyMiles points. 

Also, the passengers can choose monthly payment options. 

Booking Vacation Packages By Phone

Another option to book holiday packages from Delta Airlines is by contacting the airline representative at +1-800-800-1504.

  • When you connect to the Delta Airlines representative, obtain all the necessary details of the vacation packages. Add all the required travel activities to your plan. 
  • Pay the applicable fare of your customized package. 
  • After the payment, you will receive the confirmation of your bookings by email. 

Some Exotic Destinations Under Delta Airlines Holiday Packages 

Delta Airlines Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

Holiday packages from Delta Vacations include round-trip flights on Delta to Harry Reid International Airport (LAS). You can also book round-trip shared van or private limo transfers from the airport to your hotel. Other activities you can include an aerial tour of Las Vegas via helicopter. You can also add 30 miles of hiking paths and head to Red Rock Canyon with your hiking boots.

Delta Airlines Hawaii Vacation Packages

A trip to Hawaii will never run out of sites to see, whether you spend a week on one island or hop between others. Adding a car rental to your Delta Vacations can provide you with more freedom and savings.  Travelers have the choice to book stays in three major hotel chains Hilton, Marriott, or Hyatt.

Delta Airlines Vacation Packages To Mexico

Brilliant weather, tranquil beaches, and Mayan ruins may be found in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and Cozumel. The holiday packages offered by Delta Airlines are a highly cost-effective method to arrange your trip to Cancun. With Delta, customizing your package is simple. 

Delta Airlines also offers vacation packages to

  • Caribbean region
  • Europe
  • Central and South America
  • Australia
  • Asia Pacific

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you book vacation packages from Delta Airlines?

You can book holiday packages in two ways either by visiting the official website or contacting the airline travel expert over the phone. 

Which destinations do Delta Vacations provide?

With more than 300 vacation destinations worldwide, including Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the United States, Hawaii, and Canada, fantastic vacation experiences from any city in the United States and Canada are served by Delta Airlines.

How do Delta Vacations guarantee a safe journey?

Delta Airlines runs a Delta CareStandard program ensuring destination-specific travel advice, accommodating booking options, and round-the-clock customer care while holding hotel and tourist partners as per new health standards.

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