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United Airlines name change

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Passengers who have booked a ticket under the wrong name can benefit from the United Airlines name change policy. State Department of Transportation states that the passenger’s name on the ticket should be the same as the name on their official government ID. So, it is necessary to correct the name on the tickets before boarding a plane. 

The standard procedure for booking tickets around the globe includes submission of the passenger’s name on any means of transport. United Airlines also follows the same procedure asking passengers to enter their names as per government ID while booking a flight. In case of wrong name entry, airlines do not allow plane boarding. However, this is not the case with United Airlines, as passengers can easily make corrections in the names. 

Standard Criteria for United Airlines Name Change

  • The basic criteria to apply for name correction is the booked flights must be operated by United Airlines.
  • Only name correction is allowed on United tickets. Thus, United Airlines does not allow name changes as it can interfere with their non-transferable ticket policy. 
  • Name changes are eligible on tickets starting with the “016” code. In the case of codeshare flights, you can change the name on the United flight segments only through its official platforms.
  • Passengers can avail of the benefit of name change only once on a ticket. 
  • The updated name must be put into Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD), which also requires that the gender and date of birth information match what was specified at the time of the initial booking.
  • The airline does not permit changing flight date, cabin class, or time if the passenger has opted for a name change. 
  • Also, the passengers choosing name change on a ticket cannot make any changes to the date of birth and gender. 

Eligible United Airlines Name Changes on Bookings


Eligible Corrections Conditions 
Correction in last or first name The name on the ticket matches the name on the government-issued ID or passport. 
Adding or removing the last name   The name should be the same as the government ID. 
Correcting nickname to Legal name Submission of government identification, proving your legal name.
Middle name correction  Passengers are prohibited from making middle name corrections. They have to cancel and rebook a new flight.  
Legal name addition under events of

  • Adoption
  • Marriage 
  • Divorce
Requires submission of legal documents and other supplementary information. 

How To Change Name On United Airlines Ticket?

How To Change Name On United Airlines Ticket
How To Change Name On United Airlines Ticket

Passengers traveling through United Carriers can conveniently modify the name on their bookings through

  • United App.
  • United Airlines official website.
  • Contacting airline representative.

Via United Airlines Official Website

Follow these easy steps to correct the name on United Airlines tickets.

  1. Visit the official United Airlines website.
  2. Select the “My Trip” section.
  3. Choose the “Change Reservation” option. 
  4. Enter the name of the passenger and the booking confirmation number.
  5. Ticket details will pop up. Choose the “Edit” option. 
  6. Now, passengers can change the name on their tickets with applicable fee charges.

However, if a passenger wants to change the name on tickets, instead of making minor corrections, the passenger has to cancel their flight and rebook again with the correct name. 

Via a Phone Call

  • You must obtain the customer care number from United’s official website in order to alter your name offline.
  • Call +1-800-864-8331 and then wait for a response.
  • Connect with a United representative by following the IVR instructions.
  • When you get in touch with the airline representative, provide him with all the information he needs to know about your tickets.
  • To start the name-correcting process, he might inquire about the justification for the change and might also want supporting documentation.
  • Finally, pay the required name change charge, if necessary. You will receive an email containing your revised ticket.

United Airlines Name Change Waiver Fees

The passengers willing to change their name on United airline tickets within 24 hours of booking will have to pay $75. So, the flight reservation will be rebooked with any applicable fare differences.

Passengers may request a name change only up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. However, it comes at a hefty price of 200 USD per passenger, one-way. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do travelers have the option to change their name on a United Airlines ticket?

Passengers can utilize United Airlines’ name change policy from the time of booking to 2 hours before departure. 

Can a passenger change their name on a United Airlines ticket?

No, passengers cannot change their name on United Airlines tickets. They can only make minor modifications to last and first names. 

How can passengers access the United Airlines name change service?

Passengers can contact United Airlines customer service by phone to make the necessary change to their names. Also, they can use United Airlines’ official app and website to modify their name. 

Do United Airlines’ name change within 24 hours cause extra charges?

Yes, United Airlines incur an extra charge of $75 to make necessary name modifications within 24 hours of flight booking. 

How to change the name on a United Airlines ticket through the official website?

United Airlines’ name change on the ticket through the official website can be made by visiting the “My Trip” section. After that, choose the change reservation option to start the name change process. 

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