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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

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Flying with Spirit Airlines is very cost-effective. It provides comfortable flights at a budget price. Moreover, Spirit Airlines’ pet policy is also very convenient for traveling with your dogs and cats. However, Spirit Airlines is strict with pet carriers and weight requirements. The following blog will discuss the Spirit Airline pet policy restrictions, which you should firmly follow before flying with your pets.  

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy Carrier Size Restrictions in Cabin

If you are traveling with your pet inside a Spirit Airline cabin, there are specific guidelines to which you should adhere. 

  • The dimensions of the pet carrier should be at most 18 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • Ensure that the container fits easily underneath the passenger’s front seat.
  • Only soft vessels that don’t allow the animal’s face to protrude from the front are allowed inside the compartment. 
  • One individual may carry only one pet container.
  • There can be a maximum of two animals inside a carrier.  
  • Moreover, animals within the pet carrier should be able to stand up and move about without restriction. 
  • Spirit Airlines’ pet policy strictly states that the animal must remain inside the container during the flight. 

Spirit Pet Policy – Age and Weight Criteria

  • It should be noted that the age of the pet animal you are carrying should not be less than 8 weeks. They must be fully weaned. 
  • The weight of the pet, along with the carrier, while traveling inside the cabin should not be more than 40 lbs.
  • Moreover, Spirit Airlines’ pet policy only allows four pet carriers in the cabin on domestic flights. The routes also include Puerto Rico, San Juan, and St. Thomas. Thus, you should reserve your seat as soon as possible. 

Pet’s Health Criteria 

In most Spirit Airlines flight routes, there are no requirements for health documents for your pet. However, on some flight routes, you have to carry health documents. It is in your best interest to consult with the veterinarian before making Spirit Airlines flight reservations to determine whether it is safe for your pet to fly. 

  • You will need a certificate if traveling to the US Virgin Islands by air.
  • A rabies vaccination certificate if you’re traveling by plane to Puerto Rico with your dog.
  • Moreover, Spirit Airlines stipulates that animals cannot be ill or in pain.

Routes Restrictions on Spirit Airlines for Pet Policy

You can carry pets only on domestic flights with Spirit Airlines. Passengers are not permitted to bring their pets on overseas flights. Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow pets on transatlantic flights, except for service dogs.

Per the Spirit Airlines pet policy, pets, including small dogs and cats, are allowed on spirit airlines flights around the USA, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. However, these small pets are only allowed to travel in the cabin, and the airline does not permit travel in cargo. Hence, no larger dogs can fly on spirit airlines. Household birds (excluding chicken and ducks) and domestic rabbits are allowed to travel on the flight for only domestic routes, not to or from Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

Therefore, the airline permits no pets to travel on international flights except for service animals.

Fees for Spirit Airlines Pet Policy Carrying in a Cabin

Carrying the pets along to the flight comes with an additional fee that must be paid to the airline in advance. Spirit Airlines take a nominal charge for any pet traveling in a cabin with passengers. The airline charges $125 each way to bring a pet in a cabin. Passengers should book a spot for their pet at the earliest, as Spirit Airlines only allows a maximum of six pet carriers in a single flight.

Guidelines for Service and Emotional Support Pets

Service and emotional support animals are welcome in the cabin on Spirit Airlines flights.

Animals must behave near other passengers and not act aggressively. There should not be any offensive odor from them. 

Emotional support animal owners must electronically submit three forms at least 48 hours before travel.

Does Spirit Airlines offer Cargo Service for Pet Animals?

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost segment flight. Thus, the airline does not allow pets to travel in cargo. If passengers want to travel with their pets, they can bring them to the cabin. Wherein only small domestic pets are allowed, spirit airlines do not allow larger pets as per the pet policy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Spirit Airlines allow pets on international flights?

No, Spirit Airlines do not allow pets on any transatlantic routes. 

How many pets passenger can carry in each container?

Two pets are allowed at most, but each passenger can carry only one container.

How many pet carriers does Spirit Airlines allow on a single flight?

Spirit Airlines allows only 4 pet containers in the cabin on a single flight.

Can I hold my pet in my lap on a flight?                                                                                          

Passengers are required to keep their pets in carriers under the seat in front of them during domestic flights. The pets must remain in the carrier throughout the duration of the flight.


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