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Southwest airlines Pet Policy

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It is not always possible to leave your pets at home, especially when traveling for many days. Most airlines have rules that passengers must understand to travel with their pets safely. Southwest Airlines allow its travelers to carry their pets on the flight. If you want to travel with Southwest, you may check the Southwest Airlines Pet Policy to travel with your fur buddy.

Southwest Airlines has flexible rules in case of air travel with your pets. However, the airline only allows small species of cats and dogs for air travel. Also, the airline does not have a facility for pet cargo travel.

Significant Highlights of the Southwest Pet Policy

Significant Highlights of the Southwest Pet Policy
Significant Highlights of the Southwest Pet Policy

According to the Southwest pet policy, passengers can only bring vaccinated domestic cats and dogs on flights. Therefore, pets can travel in a cabin under the seat in front of the passenger. They must be in an appropriate carrier. Only six carriers per flight are allowed on southwest airlines, and pets are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thus, the airline does not permit pets on international flights or itineraries that include an international flight.

  • Southwest only allows cats and dogs to travel as pets on flights.
  • Passengers can also buy the pet carrier from the airport counter or online through the official portal of Southwest Airlines Pet Policy.
  • Minor Passengers are not allowed to carry a pet as per the Southwest Pet Policy.
  • Pets with aggressive behavior that displays barking, scratching, biting, jumping, urinating, and growling are not allowed to board the flight.
  • Passengers wishing to travel with their pets should notify the airline in advance, as limited space is available.
  • Passengers cannot bring their pets on international flights. Travelers can only bring their pets to domestic travel as per the Southwest Pet Policy.
  • There is six pet carrier capacity in Southwest Airline Pet Policy. Therefore, passengers should inform the authorities in case of pet travel in advance. The priority is given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If the pet gets ill during the flight, oxygen or first aid might not be organized.
  • Southwest Airlines does not assume any liability for the health of pets.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy in-Cabin Requirements

  • Passengers can only carry their pets inside a pet carrier, which should be leakproof and ventilated.
  • Also, the pet carrier should not exceed the size limit of 18.5×8.5×13.5 (LXHXB) inches.
  • Only one pet carrier is applicable under a travel ticket with Southwest Airlines. So, passengers can have two small size pets if they can easily fit in one pet carrier
  • Pets inside pet carriers are counted as personal carry-on items with the applicable fee. The applicable fee is subject to return if the passenger cancels their booking.
  • Pet must be at least 8 weeks old to fly with Southwest Airlines.
  • If the pet is larger than the size of a child who is under 2 years of age, then passengers need to take an extra ticket for the pet. However, the pet should still be placed under the purchased seat and not on the seat.
  • If the pet gets ill during the flight, oxygen or first aid might not be organized.
  • Southwest Airlines does not assume any liability for the health of pets.

Health Criteria for Pets on Southwest Airlines

In most Southwest Airlines flight routes, the airline only allows fully vaccinated pets to board the flight and require health documents for your pet. However, it is best to consult with the veterinarian before making Southwest Airlines flight reservations to determine whether it is safe for your pet to fly.

What is the Pet Travel Fare as per the Southwest Pet Policy?

  • Passengers must pay an applicable fee for their pets traveling on a Southwest plane.
  • The airfare for pets is to be paid each way. The latest pet travel fare is $95 for one way with Southwest Airlines.
  • However, passengers between the Hawaiian Islands must only pay $35 (one way) for pet travel. This discounted fee is only applicable from September 6 to December 31.
  • Passengers can pay the applicable fee directly at the airport counter or through the online portal of Southwest Airlines.

Does Southwest Airlines offer cargo service for pet animals?

Southwest Airlines does not allow pets to travel in cargo. If passengers want to travel with their pets, they can bring them to the cabin. Only small domestic pets are eligible to fly on Southwest Airlines. However, it does not allow larger pets as per the pet policy.

Pet Travel Helpline Service for Southwest Airlines

The Airline has a separate helpline service for any queries regarding pet travel.

Contact Number- 1-800-435-9792


Disclaimer: The information given in this article is subject to vary or change. The airline is not liable to notify the customers about the applicable change. For more information on Southwest Pet Policy, visit the official website.


Where can I sit with my pet on flights when traveling with Southwest Airlines?

Passengers traveling with a pet are only allowed to sit at particular places. Travelers can sit with their pets on any preferred seats (if available) apart from an exit row seat or a seat with no under-seat stowage space.

Does Southwest Airlines allow pet travel for Hawaiian destinations?

Southwest Airlines does not allow pet travel to Hawaiian destinations. However, passengers may travel with their pets for flights within the Hawaiian Islands. There is an applicable pet travel fee that passengers should pay.

Do pets require any vaccination or documentation for traveling with Southwest Airlines?

The airline only allows pets that are fully vaccinated to board the flight. However, the airline does not demand any documentation for the same by the passengers regarding their pets.

When flying with Southwest Airlines, can I hold my pet instead of a pet carrier?

Passengers can only carry their pets inside a pet carrier when boarding a flight. The pet should always stay inside the pet carrier during air travel. If the passengers do not agree to this condition, they are not allowed to carry a pet on board as per the Southwest Pet Policy.

Is pet travel applicable for the reward program with Southwest Airlines?

Pet travel does not apply to the rewards program under any circumstances as per the Pet Policy of Southwest Airlines.

Can pets travel on international flights with Southwest Airlines?

The airline does not allow pets to travel internationally with Southwest Airlines. They are only eligible for domestic routes.

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