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Air Canada Pet Policy

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Air Canada allows you to travel with your fur buddy. They can travel either in the cabin or in cargo. Both have different fees. However, only cats and dogs are eligible to travel in the cabin. All other species travel through cargo.  If you travel on code-share flights, you will not be able to tag your pet along. Flights Air Canada markets and operates allow you to transport your pet. Learn more about the Air Canada pet policy and what documents are necessary to carry in the following blog.

Pack your bags and get ready to have a memorable vacation with your pet.

Air Canada Pet Policy for In-Cabin

Air Canada Pet Policy for In-Cabin
Air Canada Pet Policy for In-Cabin

You will need clearance for the pet carrier if you have a small pet—a cat or dog—that complies with the Air Canada pet policy for traveling in the cabin. Your pet must be comfortable in the carrier. It should have enough space so that your pet can easily stand up and turn around. A very important thing to keep in mind is that the carrier should have proper ventilation and a waterproof bottom. Here are the key points of the policy.

  • Only for small dogs and cats.
  • The pet must be small enough to fit in the front seat and is able to stay in the carrier.
  • The overall weight of the carrier and pet must not exceed 10 Kg.
  • The carrier must be of the dimensions;
  • Hard side – 23x40x55 Cm
  • Soft side – 27x40x55 Cm
  • Your pet will be counted as 1 carry-on item.
  • You must be traveling between Montreal and Toronto City Airport on an Air Canada aircraft, an Air Canada Express flight operated by Jazz, Air Georgian, or an Air Canada Express flight operated by Sky Regional.

Pet Policy If You Carry Your Pet As Checked Baggage

If you have a large pet or if you have a pet other than a cat or dog, then you will have to transport the pet as checked baggage according to Air Canada’s Pet Policy. The cargo section maintains the temperature exactly as it is for passengers so that your pet does not face any difficulty during their travel. These are the main guidelines for pets traveling in checked baggage.

  • Available for a wide variety of pets, not just cats and dogs.
  • You will have to make reservations 24 hours prior to the flight departure
  • The number of pets you can carry depends on the type of aircraft.
  • Pet Check-in should be completed 30 minutes before the flight departure.
  • The weight should not exceed 70 pounds, including the weight of the pet and carrier.
  • Warm-blooded species are not allowed on E175, E190, B737, CRJ, and CR7.
  • Your pet must travel on the same flight as you.
  • Dimensions of the pet carrier should be 292 cm in linear dimensions.

What Is The Fee To Travel With A Pet in Air Canada?

  In-Cabin Fee Cargo Fee
Domestic $50-$59 USD $100-$150 USD
International $110-$130 USD $250-$320 USD

How To Book A Ticket For Pets On Air Canada?

The process to book a flight ticket of air canada for your pet is as simple as booking a normal flight ticket. Here is how you can book a ticket easily:

  • First, contact Air Canada and inform them that you want to book a ticket for your pet.
  • Provide them with all the details about the pet. (height, age, weight, and everything the representative will inquire about).
  • The executive will provide you with all the details and inform you when the booking is made, make the payment and receive the confirmation.

NOTE: In case your pet cannot be accommodated on the flight you have selected, then you will receive a refund with any deductions. You will have to pay cancellation charges if you cancel after 24 hours of booking.

What Documents Are Necessary To Carry Your Pet On Air Canada’s Flight?

Before traveling with your pet, you should be aware of what documents are necessary so you are ready in advance.

  • A health certificate is mandatory for your pet to travel, and it should have been issued within the past 10 days of Air Canada pet travel.
  • Proof of all the vaccinations.
  • In case the pet is pregnant, a special certificate is required by the vet that they are fit to travel.
  • According to Air Canada International Pet policy, you will be required to present all the forms at the destination country.

Air Canada Pet Policy For Service And Emotional Support Animals

Air Canada will carry professionally trained assistance animals for customers with disabilities at no cost. The assistance animal must be on a leash and will sit at the passenger’s feet. It must officially recognize as a service animal by a reputable organization that certifies them. There must be at least 48 hours’ notice.

As of March 1, 2021, Air Canada no longer permits passengers to travel with emotional support animals in the cabin.


Is Air Canada Airlines pet-friendly?

Yes, Air Canada is a real pet-friendly airline. However, keeping their safety in mind, they have some policies, such as pets over 12 weeks old being eligible to travel through the airline.

What are the guidelines for pet carriers on Air Canada?

Your pet must be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down safely and comfortably inside the carrier, with no part of them protruding outside of it. The airline does not allow your pet to travel if the carrier is too small.

How many dogs can you carry on Air Canada flights?

Air Canada permits up to four dogs per trip in the cabin, whether it is an international or domestic aircraft.

Can I take my emotional support animal to Air Canada Airlines?

According to Air Canada’s ESA pet policy, emotional support animals are no longer eligible to travel in the cabin. They only permitted service animals that are free of charge and have undergone certification and professional training. You need to follow

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