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JetBlue is one of the greatest airline partners for travelers. It is well known for its affordable flight tickets and also for its services that prioritize passenger pleasure. The JetBlue Manage Flight Booking service is one such offering.

JetBlue Airlines will be the ideal fit for your needs if you’re looking for an inexpensive flight that may easily meet your budget while giving you maximum comfort. It operates more than 1000 flights to give its passengers hassle-free travel options. JetBlue Airways Manage Booking helps travelers to save time and fly comfortably. 

In the following blog, Flyersdesk will help you understand the feature of JetBlue Manage My Booking. So, let’s get started.

JetBlue Manage Flight Booking Feature

After purchasing a flight ticket, each passenger may encounter a variety of issues. However, the JetBlue Manage Flight booking feature makes it very simple to change travel details or add additional services to a reservation. JetBlue Airlines has the option for adjusting reservations, allowing any traveler to change their reservation for various reasons. JetBlue has a manage booking tool that allows you to modify or add services based on your needs.

The following information includes the details you can alter on your JetBlue flight booking if you’re wondering what can be changed with JetBlue Airlines Manage flight booking. These features are:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Tickets may be ordered or canceled at any time.
  • Change or revoke the flight.
  • Print out a copy of your boarding pass.
  • Choose the desired seat to make use of the extra space.
  • Provide the itinerary and your email address by email.
  • Include a personalized service.
  • Add it to your calendar so you’ll remember.
  • Request cabin upgrade. 

How to Access JetBlue Manage Flight Feature?

jetblue manage flight feature
jetblue manage flight feature

Many travelers who have never made a flight reservation with JetBlue Airways are unsure of the proper procedure to follow. The JetBlue Airlines manage booking service is available through an internet platform using the following procedure.

  • You must first access JetBlue Airlines’ official website and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the Manage Trips tab on JetBlue’s main website in the next step. Select it.
  • In the next step, input your information in the fields. Your last name and the verification code booking reference number. It will fetch the information from your ticket that needs changing.
  • After selecting “Continue,” you may view all of the options your ticket is eligible for change.  You can modify your ticket as you choose and then use your debit or credit cards to pay for it online if you are eligible for the changes that your ticket permits.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation email following the successful processing of your adjustments.

Among many other alternatives, you can check your itinerary and reservation details, as well as request a specific service.

If you are having trouble making a reservation online, you can contact customer service by calling the helpline number +1-800-538-2583. The representative will provide you with step-by-step instructions for managing your reservation.

JetBlue Manage My Trip Feature for Flight Cancelation

In case you are planning to cancel your JetBlue flight, then visit the JetBlue Manage flight booking feature. 

  • Go to the JetBlue website and sign up using your account information.
  • After the website has retrieved your reservation, choose the flight you want to cancel.
  • Finally, after canceling, choose the Refund option and decide whether you want a cash return or travel credits as your refund choice.

When purchasing a ticket, you should confirm that it is refundable. Even before the scheduled departure time, the airline charges a fee for modifications and cancellations for non-refundable tickets, including Blue, Mint, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra.

There are no costs for changes or cancellations for refundable tickets like Blue Basic and Mosaic. 

However, if you do not cancel the non-refundable ticket before the flight takes off, you will not receive any refund. 

Changing Flight Date and Time

JetBlue provides the flexibility to change the date and time prior to the flight’s departure. A further fee might be charged, depending on the type of reservation. There will be a little flight change fee. This cost will also count against the fare type.

The steps for changing your flight using JetBlue’s manage booking option are as follows:

  • Go to JetBlue Airlines’ official website.
  • Log in using your credentials.
  • Select the manage booking option.
  • You can modify your flight after clicking on the option to alter your booking.
  • You can search for a flight as per your comfort.
  • After that, you can use the available online payment options to pay the additional ticket fare. 

You can alter the date and time of your JetBlue flight in accordance with the airline’s policy on flight changes. However, remember that adjustments cannot be made an hour prior to departure in this situation. Before that, changing the flight date and time is allowed.

Thus, prior to confirming the modifications, it is necessary to fully understand the revised policy. You will only benefit from avoiding any last-minute emergencies.

Seat Selection and Seat Change on JetBlue

Also, JetBlue Airways lets you choose your seat for the journey. With the JetBlue manage trips service, you can do it quickly.

But, you should be aware that depending on the fare class, the airline may charge a selection fee to the passengers. 

  • Firstly, go to the airline’s official website. 
  • After signing in, choose Manage Booking from the menu. Click on “My Trips.”
  • You must now decide the flight you want to alter. 
  • Reserve the seat by selecting from the available options. You can look over the map and select the flight seat of your choice.
  • Pay the applicable charges. 
  • If you are changing a seat, perform the same steps. Select the seat option. 
  • Pay any fare differences, if applicable. 

Check JetBlue Flight Status

Another service that passengers can utilize through JetBlue’s manage flight feature is getting a real-time status of their flight. With this service, travelers can access the status of a direct flight or connecting flights. Here are the quick steps.

  • Firstly, access the “My Trips” section.
  • Enter the flight details.
  • After that, click on “Flight Status” to retrieve the details.

Name Change on JetBlue Flights

Jetblue Airways makes every effort to make travel convenient and comfortable for travelers. There won’t be any issues if they need to modify a name on a Jetblue Ticket. They are allowed to modify the name as needed by adhering to a few easy rules and guidelines, according to the airline. However, passengers can change their names only once.

The following are the actions that the passenger must take:

  • Go to JetBlue Airlines’ main website now.
  • Click the “JetBlue Manage My Trips” button. 
  • Enter the booking code.
  • Also, enter the passenger’s last name.
  • Now select “Flight” from the menu. All of your reservations will appear on your screen after you click it.
  • Choose the flight for which you want to modify the name.
  • After you are through making the adjustments, select “confirm.”
  • Finally, you must pay the fee charged by JetBlue for name changes.

Add Extra Baggage

You can add more baggage to your itinerary before departure. The travelers have the privilege to add the extra baggage count with the help of Jetblue Manage My Flight. Travelers must log in to their accounts and access the “manage trip” option. There will be extra charges under the JetBlue baggage policy. So, pay any additional charges. 

There are many more services that a passenger can utilize on Jetblue’s manage my booking feature. Flyersdesk has tried to cover all of the information that was crucial for you to know. You can read more about any questions you may have on the airline’s official website, or you can contact the customer service department for guidance if there is anything about which you are unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking?

The following are the services available on JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking tool.

  • Change a flight.
  • Add extra baggage.
  • Flight cancellation.
  • Name change.
  • Select a seat.
  • Special food orders and more.

How can I track JetBlue flight status?

You can track the status of your JetBlue flight by using any third-party app. But the most reliable way to get real-time and accurate information is by accessing the “flight status” option at the official website of JetBlue.

How can I make name corrections on JetBlue flight tickets?

You can make name corrections on JetBlue flight tickets by navigating to the JetBlue Manage Flight option. After selecting the option, you can enter the flight details to access the flight. Choose the “name change” option to make necessary modifications.

Does JetBlue charge fees for making changes?

Through JetBlue Manage My Bookings option, you can make necessary changes at the expense of a small amount. However, there will be no charges for a certain type of fare.

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