How to Book a Flight with Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Feature?

Southwest Airlines Low fare calendar

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In the following blog, we will walk you through all the minute details of the low fare calendar tool.

Benefits of Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar

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The Low Fare Calendar from Southwest Airlines functions largely in the same way as other calendar search tools on other OTAs. It displays the starting price of tickets on day-to-day basis each month. With the help of its effective discount calendar tool, Southwest Airlines can offer you fantastic discounts on flight tickets. The Southwest Airlines reduced fare calendar feature allows passengers to book trips and improve their air travel.

  • Under Southwest Airlines low fare calendar 2022, tickets start from the lowest price of $29.
  • The feature also gives passengers deals on return flights.
  • Moreover, there is a very rare chance of any cancelation charges upon canceling the bookings.
  • Southwest Airlines low fare calendar gives you a peek at trends in low-cost flight tickets.
  • Through it, travelers can easily determine whether weekend flights are entirely sold out or which day is often the best time to buy tickets.
  • Travelers can access the lowest nonstop monthly itineraries for the next 3–4 months.
  • Also, there is a choice to filter flight tickets according to the travel class you want to fly with Southwest Airlines.
  • Just like with any other Southwest flight, you can also rebook your trip using the Southwest Fare Calendar at any time to redeem price drops on air tickets.
  • On bookings made through Southwest’s low fare calendar, travelers can also earn rapid reward points.

How to Book a Flight Using Low Fare Calendar Feature?

Travelers can easily access the low fare calendar feature on the official website of Southwest Airlines. Follow these easy steps to book a flight using a low-fare calendar.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Navigate to the “Flight” tab and choose the “low fare calendar” option.
  • There are three options on the screen: one-way, round-trip, and multi-city.
  • Before moving on, pick a payment option. Travelers can choose to pay in dollars or rapid reward points.
  • Enter the departure and arrival airports.
  • In the next step, select the month of departure and return. In the case of a return ticket, Southwest Airlines only asks for the month and not the precise day.
  • Choose the total number of passengers the travel plan will contain. Another option on the screen is to choose a group booking.
  • You will be directed to the final page when you click “Search” after providing all the necessary information.
  • Now travelers can see the ticket prices under the Southwest Airlines low fare calendar 2022 for the selected month.
  • At this point, you can select your outbound and incoming flights based on the applicable fare. The flight’s time and availability for the chosen dates are displayed on the page.
  • Choose the time and travel class. Travelers can either “Continue” or click the “See packages” option next to it.
  • After that, passengers can see the full fare details, including all taxes and fees, after clicking ‘Proceed’.
  • Now enter the details of all the passengers.
  • Finally, pay the applicable fare.

How to Utilize Southwest Low-Fare Calendar?

Southwest Airlines Low-Fare calendar feature allows booking tickets at low prices. However, booking a ticket is challenging as the feature is very popular among travelers. Following are some pro tips to utilize the low-fare feature conveniently.

Try to Travel from Smaller Airports

Larger airports are not necessarily the most affordable. Airports impose high taxes on the airlines, which ultimately are paid by the passengers. Therefore, choosing a smaller airport nearby will reduce the rush and come in handy as affordable on wallets.

Avoid Weekend

Another way to get a low-fare calendar booking is to avoid weekend tickets. Many passengers travel on weekends, so the probability of getting a cost-effective reservation is low. Comparatively, on mid-week days there are less rush, and chances of getting a flight booking are high.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points

Passengers can also utilize the Southwest rapid rewards points to book a low-fare calendar flight. At the very beginning of the booking process, passengers can choose the option of payment through rewards points. Southwest Airlines charges 70 points for every $1 airfare on flight bookings.

Restrictions on Low Fare Calendar Bookings

However, there are some restrictions on Southwest Airlines low fare calendar bookings.

  • Booking flight tickets for parties of ten or more persons is not permitted using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar.
  • Also, booking reservations can be made a maximum of 180 days in advance.
  • There is a limitation on seats and flight dates.
  • If the traveler cancels the flight, the refund is transferred in the form of credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest allow redemption of reward points on low-fare calendar flight bookings?

Yes, Southwest Airlines allow passengers to redeem rapid reward points on low-fare calendar bookings. However, passengers can either redeem or earn only.

Does Southwest offer low fare calendar tickets every day?

No, Southwest airlines allow bookings of low-fare tickets 180 days in advance, and there are many blackout days on which tickets are unavailable under the low-fare calendar feature.

How to access Southwest’s low fare calendar feature?

Travelers can easily access the low-fare feature by visiting the official website of Southwest and navigating to the “low fare calendar” option under the flight tab.

On which routes does Southwest offer $29 flight tickets?

Southwest Airlines offers ticket prices between Houston (Hobby) to New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, and Nashville starting at $29 each way

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