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Turkish Airlines Flight Status

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It is always a better idea for travelers to check their flight status. This helps in better planning and time management for many travelers. Turkish Airline allows several ways through which passengers can check their flight status. There are offline as well as online ways for the convenience of travelers.  Turkish Airlines Flight Status feature allows passengers to keep track of various flights in control under Turkish Airways. The flight status can also be done through third-party mobile applications.

This article will provide suitable information to the passengers regarding the Turkish Airlines flight position.

How Can I Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status?

How can i check turkish airlines flight status

    There are two ways through which Turkish Airlines allows to check flight status online.

    Passengers can check their flight status at the convenience of their homes.

    As of now, most travelers use these means as they are time-saving and quite easy

Turkish Official Portal

  •     Travelers can visit the Official Portal to check Turkish Airlines Flight Status.
  •     Passengers just need to fill in the required details, such as Flight number and date, to check the status.
  •     Travelers get to see the live status of their flight in real time.
  •     The passengers also get updates about possible delays and halt (if any).
  •     Also, travelers can check the status of all the flights.

Here are the steps to check the status of the flight on the official portal.

  •     Visit the Official Website.
  •     Click on the Plan & Book tab at the top of the home page.
  •     Then select “Flight Status” under Book & Manage section.
  •     Enter flight no. and date to check the flight status.
  •     The latest status of the flight is on display.

Turkish Mobile App

  •     Passengers may download the mobile to check the flight position of Turkish Airlines.
  •     Turkish Airlines mobile is available for IOS, ANDROID & HUAWEI.
  •     Passengers just need to download the application and click on “Flight Status” on the sidebar menu.
  •     Passengers can also book their tickets and make changes to them through the mobile application.

Steps to check the Fight status through the mobile application  are as follows:

  •     Open the official mobile application of Turkish Airlines.
  •     Click on the “flight Status” bar, which is available on the menu tab of the application.
  •     Fill in the required details, like the PNR and the date.
  •     The application will display the latest flight status as per the input of your search.

Note: Turkish Airlines reserves the right to update and change features on their online portal without any prior notice to the customers as per the Turkish Airlines Flight position guidelines.


Can I Call Turkish Airlines To Check the Flight Status?

  •  Turkish Airlines doesn’t exclusively allow checking flight positions via call.
  •  However, in case of emergency and the inability of other methods, travelers may call customer service to inquire about their flight status.
  •  The airline customer service is available 24×7 to assist customers regarding any information about Flight Status Turkish Airlines

Customer Service Number – 080005 01565 (USA & CANADA) 

Note: The contact number is subject to change without any up-front notification to the customers.

Are there any Third-Party Applications to Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status?

There are many third-party applications that can be in use to check the flight position of Turkish Airlines. Third-party applications are often reliable and give the latest updates as well. The advantage of such third-party applications is that passengers can check flight status for all the airlines. 

Some Popular Applications to Check Flight Status:

  •     Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
  •     The Flight Tracker
  •     Planes Live – Flight Tracker
  •     FlightStats 
  •     RadarBox · Live Flight Tracker

Note: Turkish Airline is not responsible for any wrong information on display in these third-party applications. Therefore it is advisable to use official Turkish Airlines means to check flight position. 

DISCLAIMER: The information given in this article is subject to change as per the will of Turkish Airlines. The Airline is not liable to notify the customers prior to the changes. For more information on Turkish Airlines Flight Status guidelines, visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE 


Can I check the flight status of Turkish Airlines through the official mobile application?

Turkish Airlines allow passengers to check the flight status through their mobile application. The only thing travelers need to do is download the app and select “Flight Status” from the sidebar menu.

How Can I check the flight position for Turkish Airlines on the official website?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provide passengers the comfort of tracking the flight position through the official website.  The process of checking Turkish flight status on the portal is simple and reliable.

What is a reliable way to check Turkish Airlines Flight Status?

Turkish Airlines offers to check the status on the official website. The official website is the most reliable platform for checking the flight position of Turkish Airlines. Passengers can also check the flight standings on the official mobile app of Turkish Airlines. However, there are other third-party applications through which passengers can check the status of their flights with Turkish Airlines.

Do Turkish Airlines charge a fee for checking the position of the flight?

No, Turkish Airlines does not charge any fee for checking the status of the flight. It is free of cost, irrespective of any method passengers use to check the position of the flight.


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