How to Get Real-Time Air France Flight Status?

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Every traveler wants to be aware of all the updates regarding their flight, whether at the airport departure, in the air or arriving at the destination. Passengers who travel on Air France enjoy the easy tracking of all the changes or movements of their flights. Air France flight  can be easily tracked by the passenger through different modes. Moreover, passengers can also get themselves updated about the delay in their flight routine or any form of cancelation. 

In the following blog, we will discuss how to get the real-time Air France flight status through various modes. 

How to Access Air France Flight Status?

Air France is the leading airline across the globe. Many passengers travel on Air France daily. If the passengers have Air France bookings, then they must be aware of all the happenings with their scheduled aircraft. Air France understands the concerns of travelers and provides quick assistance to passengers to fetch the flight status. 

Following are the common ways passengers having Air France tickets can retrieve their flight status. 

  • Calling the Airline officer.
  • Visiting the official website.
  • Through Air France App.

By Dialing a Phone

The most common method available to passengers to receive flight status from Air France is using a phone. Passengers across the globe can call their respective regional airline representative numbers. The Air France representative are responsive and provide proper assistance. 

After calling the airline, passengers can request their flight status. The representative will ask for a few details like departure and arrival airports or flight numbers. As the passenger provides the flight details, the airline representative will fetch the flight status and convey it to them in no time. 

However, calling the airline can be a time-consuming process during rush hours and days. There can be chances that the airline officer can not respond to you due to a language barrier. Thus it is the least preferred method. 

Visiting the Official Website

Another method travelers can utilize to fetch the status of their Air France flight booking is visiting the official website. It is the most convenient way to access all the activities of your flight. Here are easy steps a traveler should follow if they prefer visiting the official website.

  • Firstly, travelers can open any browser and visit
  • In the next step, navigate to the “Menu” option.
  • From the Menu, select the “Flight status” option. 
  • After choosing the Flight status option, the passenger will be directed to a new page.
  • Here they have two options to know the Air France flight schedule by city or flight number. 

Using the Flight Number

Passengers can fetch the flight schedule easily if they have flight numbers. The flight number is available on the tickets. Enter the flight number. After that, input the date of travel. When the passenger presses the search button, the Air France flight status will appear on the screen.

Using the City Option

Another option available on the official website to access the flight schedule of Air France flights is entering the city. Input the departure city and arrival city. After that, select the departure date and press the search tab. Air France’s official website will show the status of their flight.

Through Air France App

The Air France app is getting popular among travelers. It is convenient and provides easy access to all flight itineraries. Passengers who frequently fly on Air France can use the app to know the status of their flight. 

  • Firstly, passengers should install the app.
  • Then, log in to their account.
  • Drag the menu bar down
  • Choose the “flight status” option. 
  • Enter the cities or flight numbers to fetch the details of flight status.

Using the Air France app is beneficial as it keeps notifying you about the status of your flight. Passengers don’t have to revisit and re-write all the details. 

Time Frame of Air France Flight Status 

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Passengers can easily access the schedule of Air France flights. However, there is one restriction for tracking the flight status. Travelers can only retrieve the status of the completed flights 180 days in the past. The status of the completed Air France flights 180 days earlier will not be available to passengers. In contrast, they can check the flight schedule up to 365 days in the future. 

For more details, visit the official website of Air France. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my Air France flight schedule?

You can visit the official website and select the “flight status” option. Enter the flight number or arrival and departure city along with the travel date to check the status of your flight.

Does Air France charge fees for checking flight status?

Air France charges no fees for tracking your flight. It is free of cost.

How to check flight status if you have done booking through a third party?

Any traveler who has made Air France reservations through a third party will receive a link in their mail or text inbox to track the flight schedule.

How many days ahead can passengers check the status of their flight?

Air France allows its passengers to access the flight schedule up to 365 days ahead. 

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