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Whether it’s in-flight services or onboard services, keeping the passengers satisfied is every airline’s priority. United Airlines is also one of those airlines. The oldest carrier has continuously evolved its services to satisfy its customer. United airlines provide on-time flight to its passengers. But just like other airlines, united airlines canceled flights in unforeseen circumstances. They design and regulate their policies according to the travelers’ utmost satisfaction. From baggage to pets, United Airlines complies with its policies on every level. So, the same goes for United Airlines Canceled flights. Let’s find out what are the various policies if united airlines flights canceled.

Circumstances Under Which United Airlines Canceled Flights

On average, every year, more than five thousand United Airlines cancel flights across the globe. Every United Airlines canceled flights have some logical reason around it. Passengers have a right to reimbursement and compensation in those cases.

The possible reasons for United Airlines canceling flights could be: 

Poor Weather

In the aviation industry, bad weather causes most flight cancelations. Either it can be poor visibility, excess rain, or strong winds making the flight take-off and landing difficult. Airlines cancel the travel as they have no control over this. 

Mechanical Glitch

If the airline is unfit to fly, United Airlines avoid flights. It is necessary to keep the carrier and passengers safe. Checking and verification of every mechanical aspect of an airplane are done. So, if it is not up to standards, the airlines cancel the flights. 

Security Issues

US flight regulatory body clearly instructs the flight carriers to comply with the security checks. If the threat arrives, just like other airlines, United Airlines can cancel the flights.  


If at an airport there is a software malfunction, or power outage, causing problems in check-in, baggage access, or flight communication. Airlines take it seriously and cancel flights for safety purposes.

Crew Availability

If there is a tight flight schedule or a strike, airlines cancel the flights due to a shortage of staff and crew. 

How to Book Alternate Flights If United Airlines Canceled Flights?

For many unforeseen causes, United Airlines flights do get canceled. So, here are the activities passengers can perform in such cases.

Passengers can choose from alternative flights using:

  • Visiting the official website of United Airlines – Choose the “My Trip” option and select the itinerary as per need. 
  • Use a Kiosk – Available at check-in. Passengers can manage their booking easily from here.
  • Log in to the United Airlines app –  Select the check-in option to manage your flight. 

United Airlines provides quick assistance to passengers in a situation of canceled flights. It may have already rebooked your reservation on an alternate flight. However, if the passenger does not like their rebooking schedule, by using the above options, they can opt for a reservation on the earliest flights. 

United Airlines also give an option of a standby list. Passengers can join the stand-by list of other flights. Moreover, under the scenario of canceling of flight, the standby fees are not charged. 

United Airlines Canceled Flights: Refund Policy

Travelers have three choices if a United Airlines flight is abruptly canceled:

  • Change the travel plans and receive a travel credit
  • Board the airline’s substitute flight.
  • Cancel the ticket and get a refund.

United Airlines offers two options to its passengers under its united airline canceled flight refund policy:

  • Apply for a refund and compensation
  • Receive flight vouchers

Whether you flew out of Canada or the EU will affect the compensation you receive. Unfortunately, if you originated from neither nation, you most likely won’t be eligible for compensation.

If your flight originated in Canada, you would receive:

  • $400 Canadian for 3-6-hour delays
  • $700 Canadian for delays of six to nine hours
  • $1000 CAD for delays of more than nine hours.

Passengers will receive a full refund on bookings and partially used tickets as per the fares. Credit card holders can receive the refund within seven days. On the other hand, passengers who pay the ticket price in cash can receive a refund in 20 days. 

Also, the flight vouchers equal to the value of the ticket fare of the United Airlines canceled flight are given to the passengers. They can redeem it on their next travel. Furthermore, it is valid for the next twelve months.

How to Claim for Refund or Compensation?

United Airlines asks its passengers to 

  • Visit the “My Trip” section of the official website.
  • Enter flight details and last name
  • If a flight is canceled, the status will show ‘Canceled.’
  • Apply for a refund or compensation.
  • Another option passengers can choose flight vouchers.  

Additionally, provisions for reimbursement for canceled flights are available to passengers traveling from the European regions. 

Passengers can request for refund or compensation if a United Airlines flight from the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland gets:

  • Delay of at least 5 hours with financial benefits.
  • If United Airlines was at fault for a three-hour or longer delay in the journey

Moreover, United Airlines has different cancellation policies for France, Taiwan, Columbia, and Argentina. Passengers billing addresses will therefore be a factor in case of refund initiation. 

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines

What happens to baggage in the case United cancels flights?

United Airlines take full responsibility for the passenger’s checked-in baggage. Passengers traveling to the same U.S. destinations as per their original flight will have their baggage delivered through another flight. 

What is United Airlines’ 24-hour cancelation Policy?

Your ticket may be eligible for a remission of change or cancellation costs under United Airlines’ 24-hour flexible booking policy if purchased through United within 24 hours or at least one week before the originally planned departure flight.

Do non-refundable tickets eligible for a refund in a canceled flight situation?

Yes, at United Airlines, in case of cancellation of a flight, non-refundable tickets are eligible for a refund.  However, passengers should visit the “My Trip” section and submit a refund request for it.

How many hours must pass before you can make a request for compensation from United Airlines?

If a United aircraft is delayed by at least three hours and your flight is originating from the European Union or Canada, you are eligible to ask for compensation.

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