Southwest Cancelled Flight Policy: Compensation and Rebooking

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Southwest Cancelled Flight Policy: Eligible Circumstances

Under Southwest Cancelled Flight policy, the following are the major scenarios under which Southwest compensation for Cancelled flight are eligible.

Mechanical Error

Southwest Airlines keep the safety of the carrier and the passenger’s top priority. Southwest does not allow flights to take off if the carrier is unsuitable for flying. Thus, the mechanical component of an airplane is checked and verified. Therefore, if it doesn’t meet expectations, Southwest Airlines cancel the flights.

A Bad Weather

Airlines do not have control over the weather. The poor weather complicates take-off and landing for a flight. It also offers hindrance in communication. Therefore, most flight cancellations in the aviation business are due to inclement weather.


Also, Southwest Airlines cancels a flight if there is a software bug or power outage at an airport that disrupts check-in, luggage retrieval, or flight communications.

Staff Shortage

Another possible reason for flight cancellation by the airlines could be a shortage of crew and staff members. Due to a shortage of staff, there are problems with baggage, the check-in process, and flight check, which makes flight take-off impossible.

Security Concerns

Another reason for the cancellation of the flight by the airlines could be security problems. All US airlines adhere strictly to the security guidelines of the US aviation regulatory agency.

Southwest Canceled Flight Compensation

Southwest compensation for Cancelled flights or delays includes the following offerings.

  • Rebook a ticket on the following Southwest Airlines flight to your destination that has seats available.
  • Provide a refund for the Southwest ticket’s unused part.

Moreover, if the traveler misses the final flight or connecting flight to the destination, Southwest Airlines will provide overnight lodging to them.

Refund for Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flights

  • According to Southwest Cancelled Flight policy, passengers will receive a full refund without any cancellation fees if Southwest Airlines cancels due to heavy air traffic, bad weather, or any other reasons.
  • Southwest Airlines process the refund within 7 to 10 working days following the cancellation of a reservation. A refund will be transferred to the original mode of payment.
  • However, it can take up to 25 business days for a refund if the bookings are made through a third-party website.
  • Southwest also offers vouchers to passengers in case of canceled flights.
  • The airline will rebook you on another flight if your Southwest flight has been canceled or delayed by at least an hour and a half. The passengers will receive a $100 voucher.
  • However, if Southwest fails to book you on another flight within two hours, then passengers will receive a compensation of $300.
  • Moreover, if your next Southwest flight arrives more than two hours after your originally booked trip, the voucher value will be $1350, including the cost of your original ticket.
  • Travelers have to enter the confirmation number from the canceled flight to get credits toward a future flight.
  • Southwest also refunds the unused portion of your ticket if you choose not to travel as a result of the cancellation.
  • Any additional fees paid by passengers for the flight, such as checked baggage and Early Bird check-in fees, will also be refunded.

Rebooking a Cancelled Flight

Usually, Southwest cancels its flights and reschedules them for another day. In such scenarios, Southwest Airlines informs its passengers about the changes and rebook them on another flight. If those schedules don’t work for passengers, they are free to alter the flight’s time and date by up to 14 days without incurring any additional fees.

Also, if there is a cancellation of a flight while traveling to get the flight, check the status of your flight at the official website and confirm whether the airline has reebok you on an alternate flight or not. Travelers can also contact an airline representative to check the status. However, if the passenger does not want to travel on the rebooked flight, they can ask for a refund. The money will be refunded by Southwest Airlines as a future travel credit. Such future credit is exclusively redeemable on Southwest Airlines and has a validity period of up to 12 months from the date of issuing.

How Do I Rebook Southwest Cancelled Flights?

Passengers can also rebook their canceled flight on their own. Here are the quick steps they need to take.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Southwest.
  • After that, log in to your Southwest account.
  • Now, navigate to the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Here, you can preview all your canceled flights.
  • Now, choose a flight you want to rebook.
  • Add all relevant details and pay any applicable charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Southwest compensate for Cancelled flights?

Yes, Southwest Airlines compensate travelers for a cancelled flight.  You will receive a refund for the unused portion of your ticket and any add-on charges for your flights. Moreover, it will also refund back any additional fees you paid for that flight, such as checked baggage and Early Bird check-in fees.

How to apply for a refund for a cancelled flight on Southwest?

Passengers should visit the official website of Southwest Airlines, and under the Manage Reservation tab, they can process the request for a refund.

What are the necessary details for a refund request?

In case Southwest has cancelled your flight, you can apply for a refund. You should keep these details with you while applying.

  • Passenger name.
  • Ticket number.
  • Confirmation number.
  • Exemption Status Document.

How Does Southwest Airlines Inform Passengers About Flight Delays?

Southwest Airlines notifies passengers of delayed flights in a variety of ways. Email, text messages, phone calls, and mobile app notifications are all forms of communication.

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