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United Airlines offers flights to destinations around the globe. So, keeping track of passengers’ itineraries is not an easy task while traveling. The same goes for the passenger’s baggage. United Airlines’ top objective is safely delivering the luggage from the point of origin to the final destination. To make this happen, airlines have rolled out an extensive United Airlines baggage policy. It also brings changes in the policy for passenger satisfaction. Read out the blog to get comprehensive knowledge about united airlines’ baggage service. 

United Airlines Baggage Policy: Criteria for Carry-On Baggage 

United Airlines Baggage Policy Criteria for Carry-On Baggage 
United Airlines Baggage Policy Criteria for Carry-On Baggage

According to the United baggage policy, carry-on baggage is those that a traveler can carry along with them and is accessible throughout the journey free of cost. Passengers can carry one full-sized carry-on bag and a personal item. The personal item should easily fit under the seat. However, passengers apart from these bags can also carry 

  • Diaper bag.
  • Breast pump.
  • Medical devices.
  • Items purchased at the airport. 
  • Child safety seat as per FAA guidelines. 

United Airline Baggage Size for Carry-Ons

Category  Dimensions
Personal Item  Should not exceed 9 X 10 X 17 inches.
Full-Sized Carry-On Bag Should not exceed 9 X 14 X 22 inches.

Restrictions for Carry-Ons 

  • Carry-on baggage should adhere to size limits as per United Airlines’ carry-on baggage size.
  • Passengers traveling on a domestic basic economy ticket can carry only one personal item.
  • If a passenger is traveling on trans-Atlantic flights, a holder of a MileagePlus credit card, or a member of MileagePlus Premier, they can carry both personal and full-size carry-on bags on a domestic basic economy ticket.
  • A handling charge of $25 in addition to the checked-baggage fee will be applicable on ineligible carry-ons for basic economy ticket holders. 
  • Also, a few items are prohibited as carry-on baggage, like certain powder-based substances, firearms, batteries, E-cigarettes, lighters, etc. 

United Airlines Baggage Policy: Rules for Checked Baggage

United Airlines is clear about the checked-baggage policy. The fare for the check-in baggage may vary according to the flight destinations, cabin class, and the number of baggage passengers carries. If the weight restriction and dimension criteria are not exceeded, United Airlines permits you to check a variety of suitcases and bags.

The common items that are acceptable in check-in baggage are

  • Clothes.
  • Electronic items (switched-off).
  • Processed foods.

United Airlines Check-in Baggage Fees 

Routes Business Class/First-Class/Premium Economy  Economy  Basic Economy 
U.S. to/from Europe  1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $200

1st bag=$0; 

2nd bag= $100.

3+ Bags = $200

1st bag = $60

2nd bag = $100.

3+ Bags = $200

U.S. to/from South America 1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag= $0; 

2nd bag= $65.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag= $0; 

2nd bag= $65.

3+ Bags = $150

U.S. to/from Canada 1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag = $30

2nd bag = $50.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag = $30

2nd bag = $50.

3+ Bags = $150

U.S. to/from the Caribbean 1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag = $35

2nd bag = $45.

3+ Bags = $150

1st bag = $35

2nd bag = $45.

3+ Bags = $150

U.S. to/from Mexico 1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $180

1st bag = $35

2nd bag = $60.

3+ Bags = $180

1st bag = $35

2nd bag = $60.

3+ Bags = $180

U.S to/from Asia, Australia, or Newzealand 1st bag = $0

2nd bag =$0.

3+ Bags = $200

1st bag = $0

2nd bag = $0.

3+ Bags = $200

1st bag = $0

2nd bag = $0.

3+ Bags = $200

United Airlines Check-In Baggage Weight Limit

Cabin Class Maximum Weight Limit
Basic Economy/ Economy/ Premium Economy It should not exceed 50 pounds. 
Business/First Class It should not exceed 70 pounds. 

The maximum linear dimension of check-in baggage at United Airlines Policy is 158 cm.  

United Airlines Baggage Policy For Mileage Plus Members

If a passenger is a member of the loyalty Mileage Plus program, they can benefit from the weight limits for pieces of baggage on United Airlines.  

Mileage Plus Status Weight Limits
Star Alliance Gold for Economy Tickets 50 lbs or 23 kg
Star Alliance Gold for Business Tickets  70 lbs or 32 kg
Premier Silver, Gold, and Platinum 70 lbs or 32 kg

United Baggage Policy for Military Personnel

United Airlines baggage service provides exemptions in baggage to serving military personnel and their dependents, too, only if both are traveling on the same bookings. Dependents will have to pay standard baggage charges if they are traveling on another reservation. 

Trip Reason Cabin  Class  Maximum Bag Size Maximum Bag Weight Number of Free Bags 
Officially  All cabin classes 115 inches 70 Pounds 5 Bags
Dependent on Travel Orders All cabin classes 62 inches 100 pounds 2 Bags

United Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee

United Airlines is strict about baggage weight limits. If the weight of the baggage or baggage size or both exceeds the limits, additional charges are applied. Refer to the following table to get an idea of United Airlines’ overweight baggage fees. 

Route  71-100 Pounds Baggage Weight  51-70 Pounds Baggage Weight Oversized Bags
U.S. to/from the Caribbean $400  $200 $200 to $400
U.S. to/from Cuba $600 $400  $400 
U.S. to/from Mexico $200 $100 $200 to $400
U.S. to/from South America $400 $200 $200 to $400
U.S. to/from Australia., New Zealand and East Asia $400 $200 $200
U.S. to/from Europe/India/Africa/Middle East $400 $200 $200
Domestic U.S. & Canadian flights $200 $100 $200


Route  Oversized Bags
U.S. to/from the Caribbean $200 to $400
U.S. to/from Cuba $400 
U.S. to/from Mexico $200 to $400
U.S. to/from South America $200 to $400
U.S. to/from Australia., New Zealand and East Asia $200
U.S. to/from Europe/India/Africa/Middle East $200
Domestic U.S. & Canadian flights $200

United Airlines Baggage Fee Calculator

United Airlines gives its passengers the opportunity to calculate the baggage fee through its official baggage cost calculator tool. In accordance with the route and fare class, the calculator will also provide a list of the fees for overweight and excessive baggage

Passengers with MileagePlus membership can sign in their credentials to obtain the flight’s checked baggage service fees. Calculating the precise luggage fees for your flight is easy with this tool.

What is United Airlines Baggage Claim Policy?

United Airlines Baggage Claim services and solutions are efficient in resolving any baggage claim issues in a fraction of the time. Baggage issues while checking in or after the arrival at the destination are quite common with any airline worldwide. United Airlines baggage claim solutions allow travelers to have a seamless baggage carriage experience in all of the listed services.

If you are still at the airport

  •     Any issues with the checked bags while you are still at the airport, can be resolved.
  •     Travelers just have to inform the Baggage Service Office near the baggage claim area.
  •     The officials will examine your bag and enlist you with a file number in the format IAH12345D.

If you have left the airport

  •     For destinations within the USA, like Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
  •     It is advisable to reach the Baggage Recovery Center within the initial 24 hours of arrival.
  •     In case of international flights, travelers must return to the airport or inform the Baggage Recovery Center within the initial 7 days of arrival.
  •     Also, if the travel was inclusive of flying with multiple airlines. Moreover, the last flight was not by United Airlines; travelers must contact the particular airline.

For more queries related to united airlines baggage claims, call at:

  •     1-800-335-2247 (Baggage Recovery Center), within the USA.
  •     1-281-821-3526 (Baggage Recovery Center), within Canada or International locations

United Airlines Baggage Tracing

There are multiple ways through which passengers can trace their baggage under the united airlines baggage claim policy.

Through Postal Mail

Passengers can trace their bag by simply writing to United Airlines on:

United Airlines

Baggage Resolution Service Center

900 Grand Plaza Drive

Houston, TX 77067

Through Mobile App

For quick response and live updates, travelers can download the UNITED APP via their particular app store and register to trace their bags on real-time updates.

Through Official Website

Passengers can visit the official website of United Airlines and track their bags by the following steps:

  •     Home page > travel info > baggage info (under the bar of ‘day travel’) > track your bags(under ‘issues with your bags’ ).
  •     When at the track your bags portal, you must fill in the relevant details to trace your bags.

Through Customer service

Travelers can also call customer service (Baggage Recovery Center)  to get important updates on their bag tracking.

  •     1-800-335-2247 (USA)
  •     1-281-821-3526 (INTERNATIONAL)

United Airlines Lost Baggage Guidelines

In case the passengers leave their belongings on the flight. Passengers can inform the authorities if they are at the airport. In case the traveler has left the airport, they may write the authorities by visiting the Official website.

Steps to Visit the Baggage Resolution Service Center:

  •     Home page > travel info > baggage info (under the bar of ‘day travel’) >Other lost items (under ‘issues with your bags’ ). 

Note: If the airline is able to find your belongings or not, it will notify you within 30 days.

If the passengers left something on the airport premises and not in the airplane, then they may have a few options:

  •     Visit the delayed bags section on the home page of the official Website if your baggage is delayed.
  •     If you are missing a thing from the checked bags, visit the missing items from checked bags.’
  •     Contact TSA at 1-866-289-9673 if you misplace something at the TSA security checkpoint.

United Airlines Baggage Liability

The airline offers reimbursements in case any loss or damage happens to the checked-in bags by the United Airline(subject to proof of claim). These guidelines are based on United Airlines baggage claim policy.

For Travel Within The USA

  • Reimbursement for any damage or delay in delivery of a customer’s checked-in personal property is based on:
  • The fair market value at the time of damage and delay will not be more than $3800 USD/CAD for a customer.
  • Wheelchairs and other assistive equipment reimbursements may be higher. 

For International Travel

  • Per Pound – $9.07 USD/CAD
  • Per Bag – up to $640 USD/CAD
  •  Per Unchecked Baggage -up to $400 USD/CAD

Note: Some select international routes have different rules and regulations for reimbursement, and you may check them by visiting the official website.

United Airlines Damaged Baggage Guidelines

There is a possibility that the checked-in items of baggage might have some wear & tear. Suppose passengers may believe that their baggage was damaged by the authorities during the time of transit. Travelers can submit a claim by visiting the official website.

Steps to submit a claim:

  • Home page > travel info > baggage info (under the bar of ‘day travel’) >Baggage liability(under ‘issues with your bags’ ).

*There are certain points that passengers should keep in mind before submitting a claim.

The Airline is not responsible for any damage in cases such as:

  •     There is an existing defect in the bag.
  •     The bag is already of poor quality.
  •     Overpacking of the bag.
  •     Normal existing wear & tear.

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines Baggage Policy

Where do I find bag tracking in the United App?

Passengers can easily access the live status of their bags on the mobile app. Click on the ‘track my bags’ in the menu from the top left corner or go to ‘view United Airlines Flight Rreservations’ to track your bags.

How much time does United Airlines have to find my bag?

United Airlines have 5 days to find your bag. If not, the airline is liable to pay you $1500 per bag along with the value of other lost items. However, that is not the situation in every case, and you may contact customer service responsible for United airlines baggage claims

What is the maximum size of baggage allowed on United Airlines?

According to the United Airlines baggage policy, the maximum size of baggage passengers can bring along should not exceed 115 inches in linear dimension. 

Do United Airlines incur extra charges for excess baggage?

Yes, passengers traveling on United aircraft have to pay an extra fare for excess pieces of baggage. The extra charges vary according to the routes and cabin class. 

How to claim compensation for lost baggage on United Airlines?

In the event of any delayed, damaged, or missing baggage, passengers can claim compensation in accordance with United Airlines’ baggage policy. Passengers can get in touch with the baggage resolution department at airports or submit requests through the official United website

How much does United charge to check a bag on domestic routes?

On United domestic flights within the United States, your first checked bag may cost up to $35. A second bag can cost up to $45, while a third bag or more can cost up to $150.

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