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Delta Baggage Policy

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Be aware of the Delta Baggage Policy to get the best comfort on your upcoming journey. With its main office in Atlanta, Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the United States. Due to the high luggage allowance offered by Delta Airlines, many travelers like flying with them. Delta Baggage Allowance for international flights is specific for every region. The Airline has different fees and allowances for specific routes. We will discuss Delta Airlines’ baggage policy in the following blog for both international and domestic flights.

Delta Baggage Policy for Carry-On Bags

According to the Delta Baggage Policy, you are eligible to carry one free item when it comes to carry-on. However, this is in addition to a personal thing that you can carry for free.

Weight and Size Limit For Carry-on Baggage

All passengers flying with Delta must adhere to this. However, there is no particular outline for limited weight. However, it should often be a small item, like a laptop bag, pocketbook, or anything that can fit beneath a seat.

Regarding Delta’s carry-on baggage size limit, the dimensions must not exceed 22x14x9 inches. Also, the dimension takes the carry-on bag’s wheels and attachments into account. So, anything larger than this will immediately require a gate check. You will also pay the appropriate charge.

 Rules for Liquid Items

The size of containers for liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes is typically restricted when traveling. Before packing, one should research the permitted items in the destination country.

  • Make sure to keep liquid and gel types of items in a zip lock bag to avoid spillage
  • Moreover, the airline does not allow carrying more than 3.4 ounces for Items like getting liquids pastes.
  • However, essential items like juice, breastmilk, and formula are only eligible after a unique screening process.

Baggage Policy for Delta Airlines Checked Baggage

Baggage Policy for Delta Airlines Checked Baggage
Baggage Policy for Delta Airlines Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling from Delta Premium, Delta Select, and Delta One are eligible to carry two free bags. According to the baggage policy for delta airlines, passengers traveling from the economy are eligible to carry just one bag as checked.

However, there is no free checked luggage allowance in Basic Economy. So, if you are flying in Delta’s basic economy class, you must pay for it.

Check Baggage Weight and Dimensions

  • According to Delta Airlines, baggage size checked bag’s total combined dimensions cannot be more than 62 inches or 158 cm.
  • Also, a checked bag in economy class cannot weigh more than 23 kg.
  • On the other hand, for First Class, Premium Select, and Delta One, a checked bag’s weight cannot exceed 32 kg.

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Delta Baggage Policy for International Flights

Delta allows one free personal item check-in on international routes for every cabin class. Also, the airline allows one free baggage check-in for all general passengers traveling internationally except the basic economy cabin. Every Delta Medallion status member gets a free bag check-in for most international destinations.

Delta International Baggage Allowance As Per Membership Status

The Airline offers relaxation for travelers with various Delta Medallion statuses. However, the rules also differ for travelers as per their cabin class for international flights.

➢     Basic Economy, Main Cabin and Comfort+

General Applicable fee only for Basic Economy Check-in Fee Applicable
Silver Free Free
Gold Free Free
Platinum or Diamond Free Free
  • Passengers traveling in basic economy, cabin, and comfort+ are entitled to free check-in for up to two bags for status silver or above.
  • However, if travelers are carrying three bags, then they might have to pay for the third bag except for platinum and diamond members.
  • The applicable fee is subject to vary for different locations as per Delta Baggage Allowance International guidelines.

➢     Premium Select, First Class, and Delta One

General Free Free
Silver Free Free
Gold Free Free
Platinum or Diamond Free Free
  • Passengers traveling in the premium select, first-class, or Delta One can carry 3 bags for free if they are a Silver status member or above.
  • The rules might vary for some locations in operation with Delta Airlines.

International Baggage Weight Limit For All Cabins

Basic Economy  50 pounds  50 pounds
Main Cabin  50 pounds  50 pounds
Comfort+  50 pounds  50 pounds
Premium Select  50 pounds  50 pounds
First Class  70 pounds  70 pounds
Delta One  70 pounds  70 pounds

 Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Fees 

Delta airline’s excess baggage fee depends on the destination and distance the passenger is traveling. However, according to Delta airline’s baggage policy, passengers can carry a maximum of up to 10 bags.

However, there is a caveat about Economy airfares. For all of your checked luggage, you should prepare to pay fees.

Depending on your route, the actual cost will change if you’re an economy traveler. For instance, if you were traveling in the United States, the first bag would cost $30. For the second one, you have to pay $40 as per the Delta checked baggage fee.

Bag 1 30$-$40
Bag 2 $40-$100
Bag 3 $70-$130+

However, it is subject to the laws and ordinances of the country of destination as per the Delta Baggage Policy. So, contact Delta Baggage customer care for information on the unique luggage regulations of your destination countries.

Checking directly with Delta before your journey is an excellent method to find out the actual cost you must pay. They will provide you with precise details according to your location and tariff type.

Checked Baggage Fee For International Flights

Travel between Fee on 3rd bag Fee on 4th- 10th bag
U.S.A./Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. $150 $200/bag
The U.S.A. and Mexico $180 $200/bag
U.S.A./Canada and Central America $150 $200/bag
Mexico/Central America and The Caribbean $125 $200/bag
U.S.A./Canada/Mexico and Tahiti $285 $285/bag
U.S.A. and Guatemala $200 $258/bag
From Brazil to anywhere $200 $200/bag

Before booking Delta Airlines reservations, the airline suggests calling the customer care department for Delta airline baggage fees if you are flying with more than two checked baggage. In the end, to purchase additional luggage on Delta Airlines flights, dial +1-571-378-7016.  

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is subject to change without any prior notice to the customers. For more information on Delta Baggage Policy, visit the official website.

Delta Military Baggage Policy

When traveling with Delta, military individuals (active-duty military members) can use specific privileges. However, the benefits are applicable for military officials for official as well as personal leisure as well. These benefits might range from additions like self-service kiosks to amenities like a personal check-in counter, according to Delta Baggage Policy. It is mandatory to carry a valid Military ID to use the benefits applicable.

 Bag Allowance for Military Members


  Basic Economy, Main Cabin & Comfort+ Premium Select First class and Delta One
On Duty 5 Free Bags Up to 5 Free Bags 5 Free Bags
Personal Travel 2 Free Bags 3 Free Bags 3 Free Bags

Baggage Weight Limit For Military Officials


  Basic Economy, Main Cabin & Comfort+ Premium Select First class and Delta One
On Duty 100 pounds Up to 100 pounds Up to 100 pounds
Personal Travel 50 pounds Up to 50 pounds 50 pounds

Overweight and Oversized Baggage Policy

On domestic flights within the United States, Delta Airlines will impose the following fees for luggage that weigh more than 50 pounds or 23 kilograms:

  • An additional $100 USD for each bag weighing more than 51 to 70 pounds.
  • On the other hand, an additional $200 USD for each bag weighing more than 71 to 100 pounds.

However, the requirements for foreign flights are as follows.

  • Bags weighing more than 100 lbs (45.36 kg) are not permitted on flights within the United States, Canada (including the U.S. Virgin Islands), and Puerto Rico.
  • On the other hand, bags weighing more than 70 lbs. (31.75 kg) are not permitted on flights to the rest of the itinerary.

Moreover, for overweight baggage, a traveler flying to a foreign destination has to pay $100.

On domestic flights within the United States, Delta Airlines will charge $200.00 USD more for luggage that are between 63 and 115 linear inches.

So, if the bag is larger than 63 inches on foreign trips, the passenger must pay an additional fee. Depending on the route and cabin class, the costs could range from $150 to $300.

Additionally, on all domestic and international itineraries, Delta does not accept checked baggage that is larger than 115 linear inches.

Delta Baggage Policy For Damaged, Delayed, Or Lost Bags 

Here are the procedures to take as soon as you learn that your luggage is one of the three types—delayed, lost, or damaged:

  • Use Delta’s Baggage Online Claim Form to file a claim for your Delta delayed baggage, Delta missing baggage, or Delta damaged luggage.
  • After submitting the form, you will be given a file reference number that you should use to contact Delta staff. The first two checked bags are eligible for a baggage charge refund for passengers.
  • In accordance with Delta Airlines’ damaged baggage policy, regular wear and tear cannot be claimed; however, if a TSA agent damages the bag while conducting a security check, the traveler may request compensation through TSA customer service.


What is the carry bag allowance on Delta flights?

Delta Airlines allows only one carry bag item on the flight. Also, passengers can take the personal item with them in the cabin. Both items should not exceed the weight and size limit.

What is the Delta Baggage fee for a flight from the US to Canada?

Passengers traveling from the US to Canada are liable to pay $30 for the first bag and $50 for the second bag. However, if the passengers are in any cabin other than the standard, main cabin, and Comfort+, then they get 2 free bags check-in for international flights. Also, the rules are subject to vary for selected international routes.

Does Delta allow free baggage check-in for international flights?

Delta Airlines allows one free baggage check-in for every passenger traveling in all cabins except the basic economy cabin. For some elite members, the airline allows 3 free bags check-in for international flights. However, the benefit varies as per the location and might not be available on selected international routes.

Is it costly to check in the baggage at the airport when flying with Delta Airlines?

It is better to check in the baggage at the time of booking to get the lowest possible cost. The baggage costs tend to increase with delay and the near the time of the departure as per the Delta Baggage Policy.

What is the Delta Baggage Policy for Military Personnel?

The airline allows up to 5 free bags for on-duty military personnel. Also, they can check-in with up to 3 free bags with Delta Airlines for personal travel. The airlines also give relaxation on weight and size limits to the military officials.

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