How To Earn And Redeem American Airlines AAdvantage Miles?

american airlines aadvantage miles

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Multiple airlines introduce frequent flyer programs for their passengers. Travelers using these programs can gain more itineraries and make their travel experience more delightful.  There is a long list of loyalty programs in the airline industry, but American Airlines AAdvantage stands apart from all of them. Passengers traveling under the American Airlines frequent flyer program can gain miles reward points, which they can redeem for over 1000 destinations. In the following blog, we will learn how a traveler can earn the American Airlines AAdvantage Miles reward and redeem them. 

Who is Eligible for the American Airlines AAdvantage program?

Any traveler using the services of American Airlines is eligible to join the American Airlines AAdvantage program. It is not restricted to any nationality. However, the passengers who frequently fly and make their travel arrangements with American Airlines can get more benefits from the American AAdvantage loyalty program. Also, passengers who travel more often on American Airlines can qualify for elite status. It will give access to many flight itineraries. 

Passengers must sign up for an AAdvantage frequent flyer account in order to begin earning points with American Airlines. Moreover, joining is free. 

How to Earn American AAdvantage Miles?

How to Earn American AAdvantage Miles
How to Earn American AAdvantage Miles

The American Airlines AAdvantage program makes it simple to accrue miles. When passengers fly on American or one of its partner airlines, book auto rentals, hotels, holidays, cruises, meals, shopping portals, special promotions, or just by purchasing miles, they acquire American AAdvantage miles. 

The amount you spend on a ticket, including the basic rate and any carrier-imposed fees, determines how many miles you will earn for that particular flight. Taxes and fines levied by the government, however, do not accrue miles. You can earn more bonus miles for your trip if you hold AAdvantage elite status.

Flying with American Airlines

Whatever the status of your AAdvantage program, passengers flying with American Airlines can earn the miles reward points easily. 

Status  Miles Earning  Bonus 
Executive Platinum 11 miles for each $1 spent. Gain 120% more miles 
Platinum Pro 9 miles for each $1 spent. Gain 80% more miles 
Platinum 8 miles for each $1 spent. Gain 60% more miles 
Gold 7 miles for each $1 spent. Gain 40% more miles 
Basic  5 miles for each $1 spent. None 

Flying on Other Airlines

If the passenger is traveling on American’s Oneworld alliance member airlines, they can also gain American AAdvantage points. Depending on the class of tickets booked, passengers can acquire them. Reservations on economy tickets may only earn 25% to 50% of the base miles. Whereas premium economy, business class, and first-class tickets can earn 100% base miles and a cabin bonus between 10% and 50%.

However, not all flights and routes are eligible for acquiring American Airlines AAdvantage  points. 

Earning points Through Partners

Vacation packages: When a passenger book an American flight and vacation packages, hotels, or auto rentals, they can earn AAdvantage miles. 

Hotels and Shopping: Many significant hotel brands allow you to earn AAdvantage points. Hotels offer a set number of miles for each stay. Likewise, you can earn miles points for shopping also. 

Dining: By registering a credit card with AAdvantage Dining, you can earn 1 to 5 miles for every dollar you spend at a participating restaurant, nightclub, or bar. 

Fuel: AAdvantage customers can earn 2 miles points after purchasing a gallon of gas from Shell gas stations. Members who link their AAdvantage account to Fuel Rewards receive an additional 100 miles following their first fill-up.

Cruises: By booking a cruise through AA Cruises, you can earn 3 miles for every $1 spent. 

AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard

Passengers can gain AAdvantage miles reward also on AAdvantage MasterCard. For an annual fee of $99, they can purchase the card and gain up to 50,000 AAdvantage bonus miles. Passengers can earn 2 miles points for each dollar spent on American Airlines purchases. On the other hand, they will earn 1 miles points for every partner purchase. 

Apart from reward points, travelers can book and enjoy various flight amenities through AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard. 

AAdvantage Status Levels

Elite Status Reward Points  Advantages
AAdvantage Executive Platinum 200,000
  • Earn 11 miles for every $1 spent.
  • 100-hour window for upgrades
  • Free upgrades on American and Alaska Airlines when available.
  • Free Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats when available.
  • Three free checked bags. Also, priority check-in and security. 
AAdvantage Platinum Pro 125,000
  • Earn 9X miles for every dollar.
  • Upgrade window of 72 hours.
  • Free upgrades on American and Alaska Airlines when available.
  • Free Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats when available.
  • Three free checked bags.
  • Priority check-in and security.
AAdvantage Platinum 75,000
  • Earn 8X miles for every dollar spent.
  • Upgrade window of 48 hours.
  • Two free checked bags.
  • Free upgrades on American Airlines 
  • Free Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats when available.
  • Priority check-in and security.
AAdvantage Gold 30,000
  • Earn 7X miles for every dollar spent 
  • Upgrade window of 24 hours
  • Free Main Cabin Extra Seats at check-in 
  • Free Preferred Seats when available 
  • Priority check-in, security
  • One free checked bag

How to Redeem American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty points?

There are many options for using AAdvantage miles, such as

  • Booking flights on Oneworld, American Airlines, and partner airlines
  • Also, making reservations for Main Cabin seats.
  • For rental cars, hotel stays, and holiday package bookings too.
  • Moreover, on choosing flight upgrades with American and partner airlines.
  • Also, American AAdvantage can be redeemed for signing up or renewing an Admirals Club membership.
  • Securing special travel services and experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions on American Airlines AAdvantage?

How long are American Airlines AAdvantage miles reward points valid?

The mile points will become invalid if you do not earn or redeem any AAdvantage points for continuous 18 months. It will not expire if you keep your AAdvantage accounts active by earning points through traveling on American or one of its partner airlines. 

Is there any exception for mile reward points expiration?

AAdvantage members under the age of 21 are excluded from the mileage expiration rule starting on July 1, 2020. Also, your miles points will be valid till the passenger uses the American Airlines credit card. 

Do AAdvantage miles points are transferable?

The program’s “Transfer Miles” function allows for the transfer of miles to another account for a cost. However, transferred miles do not count toward elite-level qualification. Also, over 200,000 miles can’t be given or transferred by members in a single year.

Does American Airlines allow purchasing AAdvantage miles?

Yes, American Airlines allows you to purchase miles. However, comparatively, they are costly. Therefore, they should be the last option to acquire miles. 

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