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United Airlines Premium Economy promises extra legroom space for its customers to ensure maximum comfort. The premium economy cabins are excellent for travelers who even want to work in comfort during the leisure of their travel. United Premium economy seats are designed near the cabin, so you can exit as soon as the flight lands to save more time. Passengers will also earn extra Premier qualifying points for every booking in the Premium economy class. Let’s find out how the cabin stands apart from other United classes. 

United Airlines Premium Economy Features!

United Airlines Premium features
United Airlines Premium features
  •  MileagePlus Premier Platinum users, along with higher levels, also enjoy exclusive complimentary access for them with an add-on of up to 8 other companions.
  •  Also, premier Gold members enjoy exclusive complimentary access for themselves and one other companion.
  •  For Premier Silver members, complimentary access to economy plus them and also one other companion is available upon check-in(subject to availability).
  •  Moreover, basic economy ticket travelers can upgrade to economy plus only at the time of check-in with a buy option.
Legroom Extra Legroom and space
Location on the plane In front of the economy cabin
Seat Color Blue or purple
Premium qualifying points Yes
In-seat power Yes
Complimentary drinks(alcohol & spirit) Yes

There are certain features that are exclusive to this cabin class. However, this service is only available on selected routes as of now. United Airlines Premium Economy is a 100% success in its initial phase, and the airline is also looking to expand in this direction.

What to anticipate when traveling in the premium economy?

Bag Allowance: Passengers traveling on this class of ticket are allowed to carry two free check-in bags. Travelers also get a reserved space for their carry-on bags in the cabin. This feature is itself a class ahead of regular economy seats. 

Premier Access: Travelers also get priority boarding, exclusive security lanes, and priority-based airport check-in lines.

Seats: United Airlines premium economy seats provide extra 7 inches of legroom than many Economy Plus and standard economy seats. The seats are designed to recline up to extra 6 inches for relaxed travel. With a seat configuration of 19-inch width and 38-inch seat, the pitch promises extra comfort.

Lounges: Premium plus ticket also allows access to various United clubs at discounts. This perk is definitely an add-on for passengers traveling to long-route destinations with one or more halts. During layovers, travelers can relax and chill at the nearby United Club.

Entertainment: Premium plus seats are equipped with a 13-inch screen along with noise-canceling headphones so you can enjoy the most out of entertainment that is exclusive to you. At some destinations, premium blankets and pillows are also available for long-haul international flights.

Food and beverages: Enjoy free alcoholic beverages with your Premium Plus booking. Premium Plus travelers can also enjoy upgrade dining choices on selected long-haul flights(international). Menu items have choices such as chicken katsu, carmelized onion ravioli, and signature portobello mushroom.

How To Make United Premium Economy Booking?

Premium Plus bookings are hard to find in comparison to business or first-class tickets. Although the process is quite easy, the availability is a difficult reality. Make sure to book tickets in advance if you are looking to travel in United Airlines premium economy

  •     Visit United.com and enter the necessary details, such as travel dates, destinations, etc.
  •     Choose Premium Plus in the cabin class option.
  •     Moreover, for booking with miles, choose the ‘book with miles’ option at the time of booking.
  •     Click on the ‘find flights’ bar after filling in the necessary details.
  •     After the available flights pop up, look for the seats available under the premium economy seating.
  •     For any confusion, you may click on ’Details’ for every individual flight seating availability option
  •     Once you are done with locating the flight offering the premium plus seating for your destination.
  •     Select your choice of seat to complete the booking process.

United Economy Plus vs. Premium Plus

The airline offers three types of booking under the economy section. Basic economy, stand economy, and premium economy(premium plus) are the available choices.

So what is the actual difference between the two top choices in this section?

  •     Premium Plus offers larger seats with extra assurance for comfort.
  •     Also, the seats are nearby the front of the plane.
  •     Extra legroom for more stretched-out leisure.
  •     Advantages to carrying a full-size carry-on bag.
  •     Complimentary snacks with meal upgrades on selected routes.
  •     Ease of purchasing the preferred seat 


What is united airlines premium economy international?

United Airlines premium plus is a top-quality premium cabin available on selected long-haul routes for international and transcontinental destinations. Moreover, the cabin promises extra space, larger reclining possibilities, unlimited entertainment, premium food upgrades, complimentary premium alcoholic beverages, and various other amenities that are hard to find in economy bookings.

Is upgrading to a premium economy seats worth it?

It is a way better choice in the economy category as it provides exclusive amenities. With extra seating space and also premium cabin-like features, it is absolutely worth traveling in United Airlines’ premium economy.

What distinguishes Premium Economy from Economy seats?

The United Premium Economy seat offers passengers seven inches of legroom. Moreover, Premium Economy seats recline up to three inches more than standard Economy seats.

Is it possible to choose your seats in United Premium Economy cabins?

On United Airlines, you will be able to select a seat from the available options regardless of your fare class. However, the price and related costs will vary depending on your ticket and a number of other criteria, such as destination and time of selection.

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