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Turkish Airlines Business Class offers a true premium experience to passengers. The Airline offers multi-functional and most comfortable seats in this segment. With award-winning meal options, it is absolutely a treat for the passengers.

Business Class with Turkish Airlines gives a premium lounge experience along with many privileges. The in-flight experience is all about amenities and traveling with comfort. This cabin is true to its name, as there is ample connectivity and space for power pack work performance.

This article will present a virtual tour of the in-flight experience in Turkish Airlines Business Class.

 How is the Turkish Airline Business Class Experience?


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Turkish Airlines offers a true business-class experience for every destination. The cabin class is specially designed for travelers who do not want to compromise on comfort and productivity.

Seat Comfort

Turkish Airways Seats promises true comfort for all types of moods. Whether you are looking to sleep, relax or work, the seats are suitable in every way.

  •     Lie-flat seats adjustable into a 193 cm bed
  •     Touchpad seat control panel
  •     Bed width up to 66 cm with adjustable armrests
  •     Cocktail table
  •     Adjustable & rotating 51 cm tray table
  •     18″ IFE screen with angle adjusting.
  •     Universal power outlet along with USB charging units
  •     Touchpad IFE remote control with a 4-inch screen
  •     Exclusive mirror
  •     Adjustable privacy screens
  •     Closed & locked storage
  •     Massage feature
  •     Personal reading lamp
  •     Adjustable head support
  •     Comfort cushion on the seat back
  •     Suit hanger
  •     Eye mask for deep sleep
  •     Up to 1GB of free Wifi

Note: It might be a possibility that amenities vary for Turkish Airlines Business Class as per the type of aircraft.

Award Winning Meals

  •     Best-in-class Turkish and world cuisine options are prepared by the finest chefs.
  •     Passengers can select meal options through the mobile app or website, even before the flight date.
  •     Food is served on porcelain tables to keep the premium vibe alive.
  •     Passengers can have their meals prepared anytime for long flights.
  •     Travelers have the option to get selective dishes prepared for them if it’s a possibility for the chef.
  •     In-flight meal service can be adjusted as per the convenience of the passengers.
  •     Along with this, Turkish Airlines Business Class travelers have complete access to unlimited complimentary beverages and snacks.


  • Amenities such as comfort kits and other apparel are from premium designers such as  Coccinelle & Hackett.
  • Comfort kits are specifically designed separately for male and female passengers.
  • The cabin interior is also inspired by phenomenal designs from world-class interior designers.
  • Moreover, everything about the business cabin is extraordinary in terms of design and exclusiveness.
  • Music headsets and systems are exclusively by DENON for better noise cancellation and also for premium sound quality.


  •     Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers are entitled to check-in, baggage, and mile privileges.
  •     Business Class travelers get preferential check-in before any other passengers for the flight.
  •     Passengers traveling in Business Class get free baggage allowance apart from a personal item and carry-on backpack. This also means that cabin class travelers will also get bag clearance priorly to any other cabin class travelers.
  •     Every Business Class Turkish Airlines passenger will get the due miles as per their travel distance. Moreover,  these miles are applicable for future bookings and travel.

Business Lounge

  •     Turkish Airline Business Class lounge experience is also superior to any other private lounge experience.
  •     There are ample entertainment options for travelers waiting for their flights.
  •     Passengers get access to a premium cinema, video games, Golf simulator, media screens, and music systems.
  •     There are many beverage and snack options to choose from in Turkish Airlines Business Class.
  •     For children, there are premium children’s playroom areas with world-class gaming options.

Complimentary Entrepreneur Guidance

  •     Passengers in the business get access to tutorial videos of leading entrepreneurs.
  •     Online meet-ups with exclusive investors are also a possibility in the business cabin class.
  •     Moreover, travelers looking for capital for their investment ideas can share their vision with interested investors.

Disclaimer: Information on display in this content is subject to change and might vary with time. The Airline is not liable to send any prior notification to the customers. For more information on Turkish Airlines Business Class, visit the official portal. 

How to Book Turkish Airlines Business Class Online?

Here are the steps a traveler should take to book a seat in Turkish Business Class.

  • Go to the official website of the Turkish Airlines.
  • On the home page, you will find the ‘flight’ option.
  • Enter the arrivals and departure city.
  • Also, enter the date of travel and the number of passengers.
  • Change the class to Business. 
  • Hit ‘search flights.’
  • You will find the list of flights available along with the fare.
  • Choose the flight you want to travel on.
  • Enter the passenger details and other information to complete the booking.
  • Pay the fare to finalize your reservation. 

What is the Cost of a Turkish Airlines Business Class Ticket? 


Turkish Airlines charges different prices for business class tickets depending on the route, demand, time of year, and when you buy. A round-trip ticket from the US to Europe, for instance, can cost upwards of $5,000. However, the price fluctuates for the same route. Tickets in business class between the United States and Europe start at 45,000 miles plus taxes and fees. The number of miles you’ll need will change depending on where you’re going if you want to travel further (say, to Asia or Africa). Turkey-to-Europe travel will cost roughly 15,000 miles.

How Much Does Turkish Airlines Charge To Upgrade To Business Class? 

Passengers have the option of purchasing a business upgrade at the check-in desk or through the sales center prior to takeoff. However, it is subject to availability. 

Depending on the route and demand, a transatlantic flight upgrade can cost between $1,500 and $2,000. Being a member of their Miles & Smiles program is the greatest way to get an upgrade to business class. With this program, you can accrue points and miles on Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance flights in exchange for complimentary cabin upgrades, increased luggage allowances, and lounge access.


How can I book a ticket for Turkish Airlines?

There are several ways through which travelers can book flight tickets for Turkish Airlines.

  •     Visit the Official Portal.
  •     Call +1 80005 01565 to book a ticket.
  •     Passengers can also buy Turkish Airlines tickets directly from the airport.

Can I book a business class with Turkish Airlines through award miles?

Passengers can buy business class stickers through the miles point they have. Business Class amenities are also exactly the same for award tickets as well. However, some privileges might not be available through award tickets, such as flight change or cancellation without an applicable fee.

Do Turkish Airlines have a Business Cabin for all flights?

All flights in control by Turkish Airlines have business cabin facilities. Also, all long-haul flights have business cabins as well. However, it is a possibility that the seat and cabin configuration for business class might be different for some carriers.

Do Turkish Airlines Business Class seats have a lie on features?

Turkish have lie-flat seats adjustable into a 193 cm bed in their business class cabin. However, some carriers might have to lie flat facility also in the business cabin but with a different configuration.

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