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The German Airlines Lufthansa has taken the flight experience to new levels. The proof of it is the Lufthansa business class cabins. Passengers can enjoy exclusive privileges from the airport to onboarding and exit. It is available on short, medium, and long-haul flights. Passengers will receive extra benefits like lounge access, priority services, free meals, and other in-flight amenities. In the following blog, we will check the perks a traveler receives while traveling on Lufthansa business class

How are Lufthansa Airlines Business Class Seats?

  • Lufthansa offers the Business Class experience with a 2-2-2 seat configuration. However, B747’s popular top deck, which is set up 2-2, is the only exception.
  • Grey, navy, and brown accents are used in the Lufthansa Business Class cabin’s color scheme.
  • Lufthansa Airlines business cabin seats are 20.5 inches wide and are reclinable as a flat bed. 
  • They have large center armrests and power outlets to charge all your electronic devices. Control for the seats is electronic. 
  • The tray table is wide enough to place a laptop on it and also enjoy the meals. 
  • There is no charge to reserve seats in advance on Lufthansa Airlines. Check the official website for more information.  
  • However, Lufthansa’s Business Class lacks direct aisle access due to the seating arrangement.
  • Boeing 747, 787-8, 787-9, 777-9, and Airbus A340, A330, and A350 offer business-class experience.

Lufthansa Business Class Reservation Categories

There are basically three booking categories for business class. However, all three have the same seating, preflight and inflight facilities. The luggage allowance is also the same for all categories. What set them apart from each other are mileage upgrades, refund policies, and booking flexibility. 

Lufthansa Business Flex

  • It is the most flexible business class segment.
  • It has the highest cost.
  • Passengers can utilize the mileage points for upgrades.
  • Lufthansa charges no fee for refunds upon flight cancellations.
  • Minimum charges are applicable for changes to reservations. 

Business Basic Plus

  • Basic plus tickets are of mid-range prices. 
  • With basic plus bookings, passengers cannot enjoy the mileage upgrades. 
  • Cancelation charges will be levied, and the booking is applicable for a refund. 
  • For any flight booking changes, passengers have to pay a hefty amount. 

Lufthansa Business Basic 

  • It is the lowest price business class segment.
  • Passengers cannot utilize mileage points for upgrades.
  • However, it is not available on all flights.
  • These are non-refundable tickets. 
  • If the passenger is willing to modify the booking on Business Basic tickets, they have to pay a large amount.

Baggage Allowance for Lufthansa Airlines Business Class

Baggage Allowance for Lufthansa Airlines Business Class
Baggage Allowance for Lufthansa Airlines Business Class
  • Passengers traveling in business class are allowed to have two carry-ons and one personal bag in the cabin. 
  • The weight of the carry-on baggage should not be more than 17 pounds.
  • They have the allowance of two checked baggage.
  • The weight of each checked baggage should not exceed 70 lbs. The fare of the baggage is included in the price of business class tickets on Lufthansa. 
  • Checked baggage is marked for priority treatment and ought to be sent to baggage claim as soon as possible after landing.
  • Extra baggage fees range from $45 to $300, depending on the destination. However, passengers have to pay extra baggage charges at the time of booking.
  • Check the detailed Lufthansa Airlines baggage policy to know more.

What are the Perks of Business Class Cabins?

Passengers traveling in a business class enjoy privileges of excess baggage allowance, priority check-in, security check, and preference in boarding. Passengers of business class can also de-board planes before economy ticket passengers on arrival. Another advantage of flying in business class is that passengers can utilise the United Polaris lounges due to the Star Alliance program. 

At the airport, passengers can enjoy luxurious business lounges. It offers a delightful degree of comfort. Passengers have the choice to spend time in bars, light snacks, or coffee.

On the flight, travelers are provided with many in-flight amenities. Lufthansa offers a wonderful selection of toiletry kits. Business class customers on Lufthansa are given an amenity box that includes earplugs, socks, a toothbrush, and L’Occitane body care items.

The in-flight entertainment experience is extremely good. Wi-Fi is available on the Lufthansa business class cabins. Passengers have to pay extra charges to use it. The cabin has a large touchscreen entertainment system with a variety of shows and movies. Sound Quality is immersive with wired headphones. 

To get more information about the airlines and its features, you can contact the Customer Service Team by calling the Lufthansa Airlines Phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do business cabin seats on Lufthansa offer flat beds?

Yes, the Lufthansa Airlines business class seats are flat, but only some of them have aisle access. 

Is it worth upgrading to Lufthansa Airlines business class?

Undoubtedly, Lufthansa Airlines has set a benchmark in the flight experience. Upgrading to business class will give passengers a better luxury experience at the airport and on the flight.  

What advantages does flying a business cabin on Lufthansa offer?

Travelers flying business class on Lufthansa will surely have more privileges compared to other passengers. They will be greeted on board as a Business Class traveler with lounge access, extra free baggage, priority boarding, and special in-flight meals.

What distinguishes Lufthansa’s business class from its economy class?

Business class seats on Lufthansa aircraft are 20.5 inches wide. They are about 3 inches wider than economy class seats and have about twice the legroom of economy class seats.

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