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Air France check in policy

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Air France check in facility enables all passengers the option of checking in as early as 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Travelers who complete their check-in process often have more options in choosing their preferred seats. Also, if available, such travelers may get complimentary upgrades in the seating class. It is mandatory for every passenger traveling with France Airlines to go through the check-in process. The Check-in process is mainly done to verify the traveling documents along with the identity of the traveler itself. This article will explain the various rules as well as modes of completing the check in process.

What is the Air France Check In Policy?

  • Up to 30 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure, passengers can check in at any time.
  • International and domestic flights with Air France have distinct check-in times.
  • The airline requests passengers to go to the airport at least two hours before their flight is scheduled to take off. 
  • You can also check in at the airport’s self-service kiosk.

However, the following Air France passengers cannot take the benefit of web check-in.

  • Passengers who utilize unaccompanied minor services.
  • The one who needs a wheelchair.
  • Also, travelers with hearing and vision problems.
  • Also, travelers have made payments through international debit or credit cards.
  • Group travel of more than 9 people.
  • Passengers are flying with a pet.

What is The Air France Check-In Process After Covid-19?

Air France Check-In Process After Covid-19
Air France Check-In Process After Covid-19

Rules & regulations have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic. Attempts have been made to minimize human contact at all airports.

  •     Passengers are subject to wearing masks.
  •     Travelers have to follow the precautionary guidelines for the destination airports, like wearing proper prevention kits and much more.
  •      Moreover, Air France recommends passengers travel with limited baggage.
  •     Laptop bags, a small briefcase, hand luggage, and only essential infant items are on the list.
  •     Apart from these items, travelers have to do the luggage check-in process for other items.

Travelers are recommended to arrive early at the airport to complete the process of check-in.

3 hours Travelers are supposed to reach the airport at least 3 hours before the departure time.
60 minutes The screening process is only available till 1 hour before the departure time.
45 minutes The boarding process is only available 20 minutes before the departure time. The process starts 45 minutes before the departure time.

 What is the Air France Check-In Time? 

If the passengers are traveling with Air France, the check-in time varies according to the final destinations. Moreover, the check-in timings are influenced by the layover as well.

Air France Paris 40 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Europe to French (regional cities) 30 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Within Europe 40 minutes prior to the departure
Air France UK 30 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Brussels Midi 30 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Mexico 90 minutes prior to the departure 
Air France Dublin 60 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Zurich 40 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Israel 40 minutes prior to the departure
Air France Canada 180 minutes prior to the departure
Air France USA 120 minutes prior to the departure 
Air France Geneva 60 minutes prior to the departure

What are the Various Methods to Check In with Air France?

There are several methods or ways through which travelers can do the check-in process with Air France. These methods are available to suit the needs and comfort of passengers traveling with Air France.

Online Check-In with Air France

Check-in process via online method allows passengers to save time and complete the check-in process without any hustle or discomfort. There are mainly two methods through which travelers can do the Air France online check-in process.

Web Check-in

Passengers can complete the check-in process by going to the official website of Air France, which is

  •     Visit the check-in tab on the website.
  •     Fill in the required details.
  •     Verify your details for the completion.
  •     Make sure you take an e-print for the same to showcase at the airport.
  •     Timings for this process vary for destinations. Therefore, it is necessary to check the guidelines on the official website.

App Check-in

As per the latest guidelines by Air France, passengers can complete the check-in process through the app for both international and domestic destinations.

    The feature is available 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

    For domestic airlines, the portal closes 1 hour before departure.

    For international destinations, the portal closes 2 hours before the departure

Steps to complete the process via the app:

  •     Install the Air France official app.
  •     Log in with your details (with booking details or rapid numbers).
  •     Fill in the required details.
  •     Complete the process and make sure to take an e-print.
  •     Make sure that the status is approved.

Airport Check-in with Air France

Travelers can complete the check-in process after reaching the airport. There are mainly two ways to do the check-in process at the airport, which are either by Check-in Kiosks or Check-in counter.

      To save time, it is better to do the check-in process through Kiosks.

    Counter check-in is better if you have no other option left and are possibly in no hurry.

    Kiosks check-in is usually available from 24 hours prior to the departure until the timing that is usually specified in the ticket.

 For kiosks Check-in:

  •     Visit the nearby Kiosks at the airport.
  •     After that, fill in your details.
  •     Select your seat preference (if available).
  •     Agree with the T&C.
  •     After that, take an e-print of the boarding pass with the approved status.

Phone Check-in with Air France

Air France check-in via phone is one of the easiest ways to complete the check-in process. Travelers just need to contact the Customer Service phone number at 1 (800) 237-2747.

  •     After connecting with the customer service agent, you will be asked for relevant details.
  •     Via this method, passengers can also request specific seat selections if available.
  •      Moreover, travelers should complete this process at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  •     Once the process is approved, you can request the confirmation on your specific email-id to showcase at the airport.

What are Air France Boarding Zones?

Spending less time waiting to board your flight is made possible by Air France boarding zones. Depending on the travel class, status, and product type, the Air France boarding procedure is established.

  • Platinum and Gold members traveling in Business and First Class will continue to use the automatic check-in process offered by Air France because they will be assigned boarding zone number 1.
  • Also, Platinum and Gold members, traveling in economy and premium economy, will board the aircraft from zone number 2. 
  • Members of Air France Silver will board the aircraft from boarding zone number 3.
  • From Air France boarding zone number 4 onward, all other passengers will board the aircraft.


Is it possible to select the seat preference after the check-in process?

Yes, it is possible through online check-in. Passengers will be given a choice of seat preference during the check-in process through the web or app. You can select your seat preference if available and complete the process.

 Can I complete the Air France check in process if I have bags to check in as well?

Yes, passengers can use the online process to check in to Air France if they have bags to check-in too. However, it is necessary to drop the bags at the check-in counter prior to the deadline for Air France check-in process.

 Is it possible to cancel the check-in request via the online portal?

Yes, travelers can perform the cancellation for check-in via online platforms such as through the web or the application. Passengers just need to fill in the six-digit reference code along with the name of the passenger. However, it is significant to check the deadline for the same under the guidelines for Air France check in.

What are the options available during the Air France online check-in?

Air France provides passengers with the following options while making web check-in.

  • Purchase additional baggage allowance.
  • Also, print your receipt for the bags.
  • Select their seat.
  • Choose the passengers who can check in.
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