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Etihad Airways Business Class

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Etihad Airways business class has redefined class and comfort. If you are seeking to fly in luxury and enjoy the classic experience, then traveling on the Etihad Airways business class should be on your to-do list. In the following blog, Flyersdesk will give you a walkthrough of the delightful experiences of the Etihad business class. 

Etihad Airways Business Class Lounge Experience

The privileges of traveling on Etihad Airways business class start from the doorstep of the travelers. They can utilize Etihad Airways business class chauffeur service from their home or hotel to the airport.

Passengers can visit one of the airline’s Business Class lounges in Abu Dhabi after passing through priority-lane security, which is available for both originating and transiting passengers. Furthermore, the lounge features a Middle Eastern and Asian-inspired menu with sushi, a bar with fine wines, cocktails, mocktails, showers, and quiet spaces to unwind or work.

Also, when traveling in Etihad Business Class from other airports, passengers are given priority check-in, security, and lounge access with airline partners both during arrival and departure. 

Etihad Airways Business Class Seats

Etihad business class seats are available on two types of aircraft, A350 and B787. 

The Etihad Business Studio on the B787 flaunts light brown upholstery.

The chairs are arranged 1-2-1 with a mix of backward and forward styles. Thus each passenger benefits from maximum privacy and aisle access at the same time. The passengers will also have quick access to different device plugs, seat controls, elegant lighting, multiple storage spaces, and more.

On the other hand, seats on the A350 have the same 1-2-1 configuration with a softer gold finish. The A350 seats come with fully closing doors that are 43 inches tall. The A350 seat differs in a few ways from previous models. Moreover, A350 business class seats offer USB-A and USB-C connectors, Bluetooth wireless pairing, and a Qi wireless charger close to the armrest. 

Also, it has an 18.5-inch touchscreen HD monitor and a wood grain bi-fold tray. Another feature that makes the A350 Etihad Airways business class seats different is their 79 inches pitch upon completely lying flat. The storage and seat controls are excellent. 

Food & Beverages On Etihad Business Class

The extensive selection, which includes numerous Arabic and Western options, makes meal service in Etihad’s business class excellent. Travelers can select the dishes they want to eat from the Etihad Airways business class menu during their travel.  Also, on long-haul flights, there is a dine-on-demand option. Passengers can choose from an all-day snack menu between meals, which includes baklava, burgers, sandwiches, and crisps. Everything is presented on a tray with a white table mat.

Moreover, a wonderful range of wines and coffee are complemented with each dish. There is a lengthy list of cocktails that use a wide variety of liqueurs, spirits, mocktails, soft drinks, and juices. Travelers can also enjoy international beer options as well as tea and coffee. 

Range of In-Flight Entertainment 

Travelers can enjoy the 18.5-inch touchscreen television in the Etihad Business Class Studio seats. They can choose from more than 300 episodes and 100 films or live TV. On the business class cabin, Etihad also offers a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, passengers can play interactive games on the E-BOX. Passengers can also use the entertainment system to browse food and drink options. Further, there is a 3-D moving map display that provides information on the flight path and the locations the aircraft is flying through. 

Etihad Airways Business Class Price

Booking business class tickets on Etihad Airways depends on factors like routes and time of booking. 

Generally, from Abu Dhabi to Japan and Seoul, flight tickets will cost around $10000. The flight tickets to Jakarta and Singapore can be around $5500. Etihad Airways business class ticket price for Indian subcontinent regions is around $4500. Etihad offers business class flights to Johannesburg only in the African continent, which can be $5000. Flight tickets to the Australian continent are expensive as the fare can go up to $10700. 

Baggage Allowance for Business Class Travelers

etihad business class baggage allowance
etihad business class baggage allowance

Carry-on Baggage 

  • Etihad allows two carry-on baggage in its business class cabins.
  • The maximum Dimension of the baggage should be 45 linear inches.
  • Also, the maximum weight of carry-on items should not increase by 12 kg. 
  • For infants, the bag weight should not be more than 5 kg. 

Checked Baggage 

  • Etihad Airlines allow only two pieces of check-in baggage free of charge. 
  • The maximum weight of the bag should not cross the 40 kg limit. 
  • Also, the maximum dimension of check-in baggage is 17 in x 28 in x 35 in
  • For infants, only one bag is allowed with a maximum weight of 10 kg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Etihad offer dine-on-demand in business class?

Passengers traveling on Etihad Airways business class can enjoy the privilege of dine-on-demand. They can choose their preferred time of meals.

Does Etihad business class have a flatbed?

Passengers can recline their seats and convert them to a flatbed. Moreover, the leather seat is comfortable and has a 79-inch pitch after conversion to a bed. 

What is the weight limit of check-in baggage in Etihad business class?

Travelers in Etihad business class can check in two pieces of baggage free of cost. The weight of each baggage should not exceed 40 kg.

Is WiFi available for free at Etihad Business?

You will have free access to Wi-Fi on board if you are flying in Etihad Business class. On the other hand, if you are an Etihad Guest Platinum member, you can also enjoy free Wifi.

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