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Air France La Premiere is the latest venture from the leading airline in France. This premier facility is all set to be launched by the winter season of 2023-2024. Air France has given a new shape to comfort. 

La Premiere by Air France is already the talk of travel enthusiasts, and there has been a great amount of buzz regarding this cabin class. The airline is all set to redefine luxury by introducing the longest cabin there ever has been in the market. A La Premiere traveler will enjoy three premium comfort experiences with a chair, sofa, and bed. The interior is designed by the world’s leading designers with french centric interior inspirations. 

Although there is very less information on the latest cabin in design by Air France. This article will provide every possible detail for Air France La Premiere cabin class.

What to Expect from Air France La Premiere Cabin Class?

what to expect from air france la pemiere
what to expect from air france la pemiere

La Premiere Air France is available as of now, but only for selected routes. Currently, this cabin class is available only on 777-300 series aircraft. The airport experience is supposed to be similar to the current La Premiere experience for the selected routes. 

Lounge Experience

Passengers can expect a premium lounge experience when flying in La Premiere cabin class with France Airlines.

Premium table service specifically designed for this cabin class travelers.

  • There is an availability of luxury spa and massage services at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Passengers can also expect a similar kind of service in the new lounges for various destinations.
  • Travelers are welcome to enjoy the finest of alcohol and beverages, along with distinct and multi-cuisine snack options to choose from.
  • As of now, the La Premier lounge service is exclusively available at Paris Charles de Gaulle and JFK Airport in New York.

Check-In Advantages

Currently, the exclusive check-in benefits are available at a total of 7 airports worldwide for La Premier travelers.  Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and JFK Airport in New York are among these 7 airports.

  • Travelers are provided a selected space for check-in that is distinct and exclusive from the rest of the cabin classes.
  • Passengers can also request transfer services in these particular airports. This service is included in the fee of the tickets, and there is no extra applicable charge for the same.
  • There is a priority check-in for travelers of this premium cabin class.
  • Passengers experience fast-track security and immigration checks.
  • For long flights, passengers are given luxury car services across the airport ramp.

Baggage Allowances

  • Air France La Premiere passengers get priority bag check-in services.
  • Travelers can check in with up to 3 bags with a particular baggage limit of 70 pounds.
  • Passengers may carry 2 carry-on bags along with a personal item. However, the total combined weight of which should not exceed 40 pounds.
  • Also, travelers with any of the SkyTeam elite status may check in one extra bag without any applicable fee or charge.

How Will be the In-Flight Experience of La Premiere Air France?

Passengers should expect an exclusive experience that is distinct from any airline which offers a similar cabin-like experience. Moreover, the new add-ons will have better amenities and features than the currently available La Premiere experience. 

Personal Suite Comfort

  •     Each personal suite is distinct and can be made completely private with remote-operated solid sheet partitions.
  •     Suites are exclusively designed for Air France by world-famous interior designers.
  •     There is a seat, sofa, and also a customizable bed for the complete comfort of travelers.
  •     Personal suites are equipped with multiple lighting options as per the mood of travelers.
  •     There is a 24-inch HD touchscreen along with a separate touchscreen tablet control.
  •     The mattress and pillows are also from the luxury brand Sofitel which promises great comfort and relaxation.

Meals & Beverages

  • Air France La Premiere travelers get the magic taste of elite Michelin-starred chefs such as Régis Marcon, Guy Martin, and many more.
  • Meals are served on a Bernardaud Limoges porcelain with an Air France signature mark.
  • Passengers can have premium champagne, caviar, and foie gras along with soup before their meals.
  • The main course may have options like lamb tenderloin, John dory fillets, Monkfish, Creamed vegetables, Scallops, Beef tenderloin, and Shrimp.
  • Passengers are given dessert options like salad and Lenotre dessert options, along with a cheese selection topped with fresh fruits and sorbets.
  • For breakfast, travelers may get a croissant with a brioche. Passengers can also order eggs, pancakes, and waffle options with fresh fruits.
  • Espresso or cappuccino is a non-alcoholic beverage option with a side of an in-demand chocolate treat.
  • Perrier Jouet and Veuve Cliquot are among the prestigious brands of alcohol.

Disclaimer: The information in this article might vary or change without any prior notification to the customers. For more information on  Air France La Premiere, visit the Official Website. 


How Much Is Air France La Premiere ticket?

Passengers usually have to pay around $5000-$10000 to travel in La Premiere cabin class of Air France. However, as of now, this service is only available for selected routes.

What are the benefits of La Premiere Cabin Class by Air France?

Passengers get major benefits when traveling in this cabin class. Moreover, travelers get priority boarding but also have the option to board at their; leisure until the carrier door closes. Passengers also get sleeping kits for utmost comfort, along with the best-in-class amenity options.

When is the Air France La Premiere Cabin Class launching worldwide?

Air France is all set to launch this facility by the winter season of 2023-2024 for most of the destinations under its operation. Also, the airline is dedicated to revealing this lavish cabin class with extra features and style statements.

What distinguishes La Premiere from business class?

Compared to Air France Business Class, La Première provides more room, more individualized service, greater comfort, on-demand eating, and an overall more luxurious experience.

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